Zhejiang windbreak emergency response has been upgraded to level I and 75 West Lake water volumes have been pre-discharged.

 Zhejiang windbreak emergency response has been upgraded to level I and 75 West Lake water volumes have been pre-discharged.

Typhoon Lichma was located at 115 km southeast of Wenling City, Taizhou, at 20:00 p.m. on September 9, with a maximum wind power of 16 levels near the center and moving northwest at a speed of about 15 km per hour. It is expected that Lichma will land on the coast from Wenzhou to Xiangshan in Zhejiang Province from midnight to morning on the 9th to 10th. The most likely landing is from Taizhou to Yueqing. Zhejiang Provincial Flood Control, Typhoon Prevention and Drought Relief Command has upgraded the emergency response of Typhoon Prevention to Level I.

According to the monitoring statistics of the hydrological management center of the Provincial Water Resources Department, affected by Lichma, the province began to rain at 8:00 on the 8th. At 17:00 on September 9, the provinces surface rainfall was 33.5 mm, including 90 mm in Taizhou, and more than 50 mm in 19 counties (cities and districts), including 121.7 mm in Wenling, 121.4 mm in Yuhuan and 111.9 mm in Sanmen.

Pengmei News learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Water Resources that the provinces large and medium-sized reservoirs, plain river network has begun to pre-discharge 6 days, Tengku to meet the flood. At present, more than 30 reservoirs in Taizhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Huzhou and other cities are fully discharging flood, and the plain river networks such as Hangjiahu, Xiaoshaoying, Wenhuang and Wenrui are fully pre-discharged. At 17:00 on September 9, 675 million cubic meters of pre-discharge from large and medium-sized reservoirs and 372.4 million cubic meters of total drainage from river networks in the province equaled the water volume of 75 West Lake.

At 17:00 on August 9, the average water level of Taihu Lake was 3.43 meters, 0.03 meters higher than that of the 8th day (warning level was 3.80 meters, design level was 4.65 meters); the water level of Wenling Station was 2.42 meters, exceeding the warning level by 0.12 meters; the water level of other river stations was below the warning level.

There are two stations of over-flood limit water level for large and medium-sized reservoirs in the whole province. The over-flood limit water level of Datanggang reservoir is 0.42 meters and that of Huangtan reservoir is 0.66 meters. The main tidal stations are below the warning water level.

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