When you look at your figure, you know you are not a good girl. Ha-ha

 When you look at your figure, you know you are not a good girl. Ha-ha

Its not necessarily that women want to lose weight all their lives. Its that its too hard to keep on losing weight.

Intermittent, repeated, unconsciously shouting I want to lose weight, they shouted numerous today and tomorrow.

How hard is it for women to lose weight?

The policeman was shocked and asked, Just to lose weight? The woman nodded earnestly.

When a woman listens to her friend saying that drug use can reduce weight, she tries to do it by herself. When she was arrested, she also pleaded with the police uncle, Dont tell my husband! If he knows, Im done!

Drug abuse is a serious violation of the law, as everyone knows, but in order to become thin and ignorant of the law, she took risks at all costs, is extremely ignorant!

I dont know when, small face, pointed chin, big eyes of the net red face has become the trend, slender wrists, flat stomach, slender legs have become a beauty standard.

To sum up, is the persistent pursuit of thin. Someone checked these conditions and found the most suitable reference sample, Mantis.

This is the best ridicule of the current deformity aesthetics.

A while ago, my cousin sent a message: Is there any medicine that can quickly lose weight? Urgent!

I thought something serious had happened to her, but when I asked her carefully, I realized that her idol Mao was not easy to lose weight.

My cousin made an appointment with several netizens to lose weight, go to Maos hard-won concert and call Aidou.

Teenagers only hear about the rapid effects of weight-loss drugs, but they dont know how much harm they do to the body. We all think that she is not fat, a little fleshy flower girl, itself is very beautiful.

But she was not satisfied.

In response to the cartoon: girls look in the mirror, eyes are magnified by 1.5 times their own.

Every bare season, girls want to dress cool point, which is beyond criticism.

But to find some quick ways to get rid of fat in a month or even a week is like drinking poisons to quench thirst.

Few people care about whether your body is really healthy or not, but only about how many kilograms you weigh; no one praises your upright spirit, but envies your graceful little barbarian waist.


Think of Liu Ye, the famous Internet celebrity in the program Advertising Now.

Two years ago, Liu Ye, 120 jin, met a boy on the Internet, and they established a relationship.

At that time, she was a well-proportioned, energetic girl.

But one day, my boyfriend said, I like a thinner girl. Liu Ye has been enchanted ever since.

In order to get the affirmation of his boyfriend, Liu Ye began to lose weight crazily, and various diet drugs kept pouring into his stomach.

When she was 90 kg thin, her boyfriend praised her as more beautiful.

Liu Ye, who tastes sweet, thinks that the thinner her body, the fuller her boyfriends love for her.

She didnt want to go on losing weight like hell. She lost another 70 kilograms.

On the second meeting, her boyfriend was surprised, but did not speak. He just left for an excuse. Liu Ye thought that her boyfriends surprise was due to her amazing.

It was just play when I first got in touch with you! What a ghost are you thinning out? Its frightening!

Liu Ye stood on the stage, tearing like rain, with his elderly parents standing by, heartbreaking.

Skinny is really not beautiful at all. Its not really happy to be with people who think youre good only when youre thin.

From big fat girl to small waist sperm, you may feel really good at first, and your face value has been raised several files, but if your body deteriorates far beyond the pleasure of being thin, you will lose it.

The body is your own and should be controlled by yourself. Thinning should also be for your own comfort and health, not for the sake of getting good looks or hypocritical praise from others.


I cant stand it. Every woman is showing off her figure. Me too, but how thin is he X!

All ones life is to pursue thin and beautiful, I quit!

In entertainment circles, it is self-evident to keep in shape. Even so, it is painful to restrain appetite for a long time and become a paper man.

Some girls only see the stars in the flash, but they dont know that behind the starsdiet are a lot of lost hair, severely damaged stomach and intestines, menstrual disorders and exhausted organ functions.

Blind follow the wind to lose weight, in addition to the scale and rebound between the infinite cycle, only the pain of never reaching the ideal weight.

These two days, a picture of the ideal figure of women from all over the world has been circulated on the Internet.

Except in Italy, girls in other countries pursue breast and buttocks, while Chinese girls prefer lean and hemp.

Trend warns: Its hard for fat women to be happy. Once youre fat, people around you will throw malicious eyes and vicious accusations.

Women are materialized into male aesthetic objects, as if the meaning of female body exists, just for the pleasure of others.


A year ago, Kristina, a 23-year-old British girl, was trying to wear a beautiful wedding dress and take all kinds of diet pills. In just a few weeks, she was reduced to 14 yards.

But because of improper weight-loss methods, her skin was severely flabby and the whole person was twenty years old.

Dressing is a good figure. When you take off your clothes, you can only see the big pouch hanging on your stomach.

Is such a pseudo-beauty figure really beautiful? The body of a man in his twenties and fifties is not at all enviable.

But the scary thing is that there are so many people who give their lives to lose weight.

There are more than 1.7 million notes on Losing Weight on Little Red Book, which is known as the exquisite girls artifact of practice. There are more than 5,000 kinds of weight-loss products.

Every title is attractive: Playing like losing 8 kg, 21 days losing 20 kg, losing weight and detoxifying juice 7 kg a week...

Various methods of reducing obesity are also dazzling: enzymatic weight loss method, stool detoxification method, Yinyang water enema method, emetic method...

Every note, there are tens of thousands of people to praise, forward, kneel for links.

Mr. A college classmate has been fascinated by vomiting diet. During that time, no one dared to look at her - her face always showed a sick feeling.

Girls are not fat, but skeleton is slightly larger, and people are tall, the vision will be more strong.

But the girl attributes her emotional and life problems to her five big three thick body type.

Although she eats very little every day, every time she vomits, she sweats faintly, and the whole person looks like a withered peony flower, she still insists on vomiting.

For more than half a year, the girls body shape has not changed much, but the whole person is seriously depressed, irritable and disordered.

Shes just one of the tens of millions of white mice in Little Red Book experimenting with her body.

Those skinny girls dare to try all kinds of products and exotic methods.

The effect is good or bad. Sooner or later, the body will be destroyed.


Some people say, Even their own body can not control, how to control life?

Some girls misinterpret it as, If you dont lose weight, youll never make a difference in your life.

Controlling the body is not to squeeze the body. People who can live in harmony with their body will be happier.

The body doesnt need too much calories, so dont stuff it with food that it cant use up.

Keep in mind that the only principle of weight loss is calorie intake < calorie consumption.

So, as long as you stuff your mouth with food, no matter what you eat, you cant lose weight.

The most authoritative and practical way to lose weight is often the simplest and simplest:

Less sugar, less carbohydrate, balanced intake, if necessary, can be eaten lightly.

The Old Generation of Hong Kong Stars

Dont be fooled by the slogans of no more than a hundred good women or thin or dead.

Its sad that a girl who looks forward to her beautiful appearance must put herself in a suffocating body-shaping dress and wrap a layer of fresh-keeping film around her thighs and waist and abdomen.

Reconcile with food and dont confront your body.

Adjust your diet and try not to sit or lie down when you are active. It works better than taking any fairy pills.

Of course, people who are full of poetry and calligraphy, who are really confident and have connotations, whether fat or thin, tall or short, have irresistible charm.