Daughter, why do I have to give gifts?

 Daughter, why do I have to give gifts?

Yeah, if someone asks: Do you want love or lottery?

u2014u2014 Shouldnt the standard answer be all?


In my previous article, I talked about such an extreme event.

The girl is pregnant before marriage. The man feels that raw rice cooks mature rice and deliberately refuses to give the bride price. Finally, the mother of the girl has an abortion with her daughter.

While many people condemned him, others left a message:

This mother is too hard-hearted, in order to get tens of thousands of dollars of lottery gifts, even the health of her daughter is not concerned!

This mother is really greedy and foolish. Her daughter has had an abortion. Wouldnt it be more difficult to sell her at a good price in the future?

I dont know what the girl in this story will think, but if this is my daughter, I will tell her solemnly:

Daughter, if you want to get married, your mother must give a lottery gift. It is not her greed for money, let alone the so-called selling her daughter.

You are my daughter who has worked hard for more than 20 years. If you say selling, dont say the hundred and eighty thousand lottery gifts, it is to give me Jinshan and Yinshan. For me, it is absolutely a loss-making business.

Yes, every mother looks stingy when she asks for a bride price. She refuses to give in one cent.

But when you get married, you will find that the mothers have become generous again, giving all the painstaking gifts to your small family, and they are also subsidizing a lot.

How could it be that a greedy man, a good calculator, would do something?


Some people say that lottery gifts are the source of all evil.

A 55-year-old single-parent mother in rural Henan worked hard all her life. In order to make a gift for her son, she finally married herself to an old bachelor.

An old lady in Nanpi chose to hang because she could not get her sons gift.

I know, it all sounds terrible.

Their misfortune is not your fault!

Mother is always a selfish person in relation to her daughters life-long happiness.

Mother carefully takes care of you like a pearl in her palm, not to let you grow up and become a Bodhisattva in an unfortunate family.

There is no obligation in your life.

Mother doesnt have much ambition, just hope you can find someone who loves you enough to live a carefree life.

Mother is not greedy, do not need you to live very well, do not need you to have a very high gift, you really just can.

And as for the afflicted families above, dont say that they cant get the lottery. Even if they break the pot and sell the iron and give the gifts at a high price, my daughter will never marry.


There are only two situations for a man bargaining on a bride price:

The first is the most common, which is not affordable.

The second is affordable, but not desirable.

The former may love you, but I doubt how much love he has. In the latter case, he doesnt love you at all and doesnt need to think about it.

When people are young, they always think that money is not a big deal. After growing up, I found that making money is really not that simple. Its really hard to live without money.

You can work hard with him and struggle with him. It doesnt matter for three or five years.

But by the time he got married, he was still empty-handed, but shouted, If you dont marry me, which was almost a scoundrel.

Ive seen too many examples of feeling full of water before marriage and pessimistic couples after marriage.

Marriage is not a family, in addition to firewood, rice, oil and salt, but also sophisticated, medical education. Even if you can bear hardships, do you want your children to bear hardships together?

Even dinner, dating, traveling and watching movies all require a small sum of money. Why can your marriage be a blank wolf?

Setting up a small family, if you dont even have a basic reserve, youre not eligible to get married.

Lottery gifts, materially speaking, are the start-up funds of a new family, and spiritually, they are the basic respect for new people.


When a man is in pain because he cant get the lottery gift, you may feel that he is very wronged and heartbroken for him. Especially the one you love.

But if I say, no house, no gifts, nothing.

Houses, cars, gifts, we all provide, a lot of points, as long as he adds, let your children with your surname, he is mostly unwilling.

So, you can imagine how much wrongs men suffer and how much cheapness they take in the besieged city of marriage.

Never be carried away by love.

Never forget to love yourself because you love someone.

When you get married, have your own children, go through three years of confusion, you will find that the burden of marriage is very heavy, relying solely on the impulse of love, is far from enough.

So, my dear daughter, I hope you can understand my mothers mind after reading this article.

Not as an adult, leading an empty-handed stinky boy to ask for my advice.