Couples who eat with laughter, suggest getting married directly

 Couples who eat with laughter, suggest getting married directly


There is a Japanese couple on Ins:

Every day, before eating, the wife records the way her husband eats.

From 16 years till now, there has been no interruption. It is a small ritual in their husband and wifes life.

Wives love cooking and always prepare food for their husbands.

They will show you the state of one room, two people, three meals and four seasons.

Many netizens say:

Its so delightful to cook for such a husband.

Mutual support and mutual response are what the couple are doing.

Because of the response, I am willing to continue.

The sense of achievement of one party must be rooted in the affirmation and recognition of the other party.

I remember that every time my dad cooks, he takes my moms appetite into account.

Medium salty, not too spicy, but also more suitable for chewing.

My mother sees this in her eyes and warms her heart. Every time she eats, she says:

Beihai, todays food is delicious.

When I was a kid, I was wondering why my mom always praised my dad because the taste didnt change.

Only when I grow up can I understand that devotion to feelings is the real expression of gentleness.

I saw a video called I never help my wife.

During the chat, the husband would stop to wash the dishes and help his wife with the housework.

My friend wondered why he did these things.

The wife works for the family, and companionship is the husbands response to the wife.

Accompanied by each other to accomplish a thing together, this thing will have a sense of commemoration and ceremony.

Many people get along with each other for a long time and feel that they dont need to thank you.

Tian Fuzhen has such a lyric in Little Luck:

People naturally forget who is in the wind, in the rain, and has been silently guarding the place.

There is a boy in the company who says that the response in love is very important.

He usually changed the light bulb at home, repaired the electrical appliances, and his girlfriend would hold him and say:

You are really great!

He himself described it this way: Looking at my girlfriends eyes, I think Im a hero!

His girlfriends recognition of him is a positive feedback and a sense of achievement.

People who know how to be grateful will be loved and cherished by those around them.


Any kind of love in the world needs expression and response.

Marriage life is like a long-term conversation. Silence can make a relationship fragile.

In 1926, Lu Xun went to Xiamen and separated himself from his wife Xu Guangping.

Lu Xun and his wifes letters always describe their lives in great detail.