Entertainment circle is the first pop girl, once the Queen of Xiaozhuang, why do you offend people in a cruel way?

 Entertainment circle is the first pop girl, once the Queen of Xiaozhuang, why do you offend people in a cruel way?

Hot temper, what to say.

Quietly say:

I dont think you need it.

Faced with the inquiry of other guests: you do not work, do not you come to the unified management of the familys money? Xiaoqi said: I dont want to spend my husbands money, not to call on two people to be independent! At this time, only quietly and directly say:

Thats all slogans!

Giving or not has nothing to do with flowering or not spending.

It is the beauty of tranquility that goes with the straight mouth of tranquility.

How beautiful is peace? When I was a child, my quiet mother walked along the path with quiet, unconsciously, followed by the boys.

Mother would say, Dont follow me. This is a person. Nothing special.

Tranquility is of course beautiful, and born with a big coffee face, looking at the current flow of flowers, it is difficult to find the kind of beauty that combines toughness, freedom, glamour and wildness.

It was a fatal temptation.

Because of this beauty, tranquility plays with numerous male gods very early.

In Sanchakou, he and Wu Yanzu.

In New Shanghai Beach, with Zhang Guorong and Liu Dehua.

Countless people have discovered the beauty of tranquility, including director Jiang Wen. It was Jiang Wens Sunny Days that made the fire calm.

Tranquility in it became the goddess of the dreams of thousands of men at that time.

Breast fat buttocks, skirt angle fluttering, every move, amorous feelings.

Countless teenagers are fascinated by it.

Later, it was Red River Valley that let the tranquility get the hundred flower shadow. The tranquil and naked background has a primitive and simple nature.

Because this primitive, simple vitality, even if it is not perfect in the present aesthetic, but it is enough temptation.

Later, it was a well-known tranquil costume drama: Dayuer in the Secret History of Xiaozhuang.

Empress Xuan in Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty.

Tranquility has become the professional household of the Queen Mother in an unparalleled atmosphere.

Such a beauty has a hot personality.

Initially, for the convenience of filming, tranquility actually shaved his head directly.

To be frank: In those two years, there were too many plays. In the past two years, there was no Hengdian shop. It was convenient to wear a headdress directly by shaving ones head.

You know, how many beautiful women regard their hair as their life. Not to mention shaving, even cutting short is as painful as killing your life. In an interview with Venus, I calmly talked about a past event.

When I first arrived in Shanghai, I bought some cakes in a pastry shop. The salesperson seemed to be bullying her because she was not a native.

She quarreled with the salesman and I said a word to you. The salesman threw the cake at her. She was so angry that she swung up the whole bag of cake and threw it at the salesman.

Speaking about the past, tranquility is different from the person who was in conflict with the salesman at that time. He has status and status. If we put it now, there should be someone else.

How can we tell a true story like this that does not elevate our dignity and status? Quietness is willingness to speak.

We can not find the so-called elegance and so-called self-cultivation from the story, but we see the truth.

Yes, true peace often speaks surprisingly.

For example, there are problems in the industry.

Now, she says, only stars are used in acting, not actors. Therefore, actors nowadays do not need to have acting skills, and acting skills are enough in life.

For example, on the issue of acting skills, tranquility once said that the actorsacting is true feelings, and all the skills are artificial and unreal.

Therefore, quiet acting, never recite lines, no dubbing.

I basically dont recite the lines. The lines that I recite sound like traces. I just remember the plot and then I will say the lines by myself according to the plot and character. Such a role comes true.

For work, tranquility is hard work.

But tranquility is also blunt: there are only two criteria for Screenplay selection.

Secondly, there is a lot of money, no one cant get along with it.

Enough publicity? Yes. However, looking at the entertainment industry at the moment, it is only quiet that can be so bold and frank.

Quiet, because true, but free.

After being sealed up at a young age, he was active on the big screen, and had many opportunities to cooperate with top-ranking actors. He had a lot of resources, a wide range of paths, a wild disposition, a clear personality and self-evident nobility. He could not go downhill by himself. What is downhill road?

At this time of tranquility, we began to make a variety of arts.

For example, a dispute with Zheng Shuang.

For todays tranquility, she began to try to subtract, select scripts have their own unique views.

She said, Dont tell me how good a director is, how big a co-star is. Just tell me what role Im going to play. Ill see if its right. I think I can play it well, and Ill go straight ahead.

Quiet choices are always free.

The reason why we are free is not how smart our choices must be, but that our choices follow our hearts.

Its very advanced to follow your heart. An important prerequisite for doing so is that we first need to know what is inside us. Here, there are two criteria. Psychologically speaking, there are two evaluation systems in the world, namely:

If we use the external evaluation system as a ruler to measure our own people, we will care a lot about the external views.

If we use the internal evaluation system as a ruler to measure ourselves, we will follow our inner value orientation.

Following the value orientation of ones heart, this feeling brings freedom.

Quietly speaking, she doesnt like to watch gossip reports, entertainment news and movie information. She just lives in her own world.

My favorite thing to do is to be in a daze and enjoy yourself.

Knowing what you want and living happily is peace.

However, a quiet personality is not always like this.

The tranquility of childhood is inferior and insecure.

Because the divorce of parents from childhood, so that the quiet mind did not get rich nourishment.

Outside the heart of inferiority, there is a hard shell of self-closure and self-defense.

So, when I was a child, I was calm, hot-tempered, not talkative, and liked to play with myself.

In school, colliding with teachers and fighting with classmates is a typical problem girl.

In fact, most rebellious children, the more extreme rebellion, the more there are twists and turns in their hearts, abundant emotions, need to be expressed.

Quietly speaking, her personality, in fact, has always been immature, is the actor industry changed her. More experience and experience, coupled with solitude and self-reflection, can really make people mature. Socrates once said:

Life without censorship is not worth mentioning.

Thats because if we dont look at our own life and life, our life will be repeated according to the predetermined mind map.

Thats what looks like fate or reincarnation.

Like all women, love has become the biggest weakness of this free, stubborn and proud woman.

I met Paul, an American actor, when I was quietly 24 years old in Red River Valley.

As an actress, she chose to marry quietly and marry far away from the United States when people were the most beautiful, the most popular and her career was developing well. After marriage, take a rest.

Not adapted to life in the United States, he later returned to China to continue filming. Including the co-production of Yellow River Absolute Love with then husband Paul.

The marriage soon broke up.

The second marriage, and actor Guley, from marriage to divorce, is little known.

Because, quietly feel that this is their own business, there is no need to get married when the storm, divorce when the storm. After another divorce, he admitted calmly and generously that he was talking about brother-in-law love. He also claimed that he had never been single.

In the persistence of this feeling, we can see the quiet personality of daring to love and hate, the capital of beautys talent and arrogance, the desire for family and love, as well as the desire for security.

God has given her a quiet and beautiful face and a ducks voice; given her the character of daring to love and hate, it is accompanied by two broken marriages; given her the sense of force and expression of watching fire, it is accompanied by fragility, truth and confusion.

Quiet once confessed in an interview that he had no clear plan for the future.

However, she knows her character, dares to pursue what she wants, and more importantly, dares to abandon things that she does not really like.

Pursuit, let our life more wonderful;

Abandon, make our life easier.

Active pursuit and abandonment bring freedom.

Few people take Wang Bo into the card game, the aura is as strong as tranquility.

We can choose to live a real and free self.