The most beautiful thing is the first encounter: those moments of heartbeat in Poetry

 The most beautiful thing is the first encounter: those moments of heartbeat in Poetry

Sometimes, the first glimpse is most memorable.

Tidu Nanzhuang

Last year, in this door today, peach blossoms were red in the face.

Face does not know where to go, peach blossoms still laugh spring breeze.

All encounters are fate; the reunion after encounters is fate. The word fate, a pen on the tie, a pen on the regret.

But her smile, just like that, has been deeply impressed in my heart.

Meeting and Traveling (excerpts)

In the red dust, hold the Golden Whip high.

Wanhutui Yangli, Junjiaa over there.

What will happen when we meet in a busy city and when we are in the best mood?

Maybe just like the immortals, they dont want to let this encounter only be a passer-by. They greet each other with a whip and ask with a smile: Where is your home in this tall willow?

Song Li Qingzhao

Cuba swing, up to make a fine hand.

Dew thick flowers thin, thin sweat light clothes.

Visitors come in and socks are golden.

He shyly walks away, leans against the door to look back, but sniffs the green plum.

Teenagersminds should be taken into account. Girls minds are always poems. Just at the age of Miao, when the love sinus opened, I suddenly saw a dancing teenager, who was afraid to see and want to see, but not dare to see. So I could only look at it from a distance, and then I shyly slipped away and pretended to smell the fragrance of plum blossoms.

Such a first encounter, charming and lovely, can always make us feel ashamed when we recall, as if through time, back to the girlhood.

Sidi Hometown and Spring Tour

Tang Weizhuang

Spring outing, apricot blossoms blowing all over the head.

Who is young and romantic on the street?

Concubines intend to marry and rest for life.

You cant be ashamed of being abandoned mercilessly.

Youth is like flowers, amorous. First encounter is touching, direct education people devote themselves to this love. The sight of mistake for a lifetime is the highest level of excitement.

National wind, Zheng Feng, wild vine grass

Anonymous in Pre-Qin Dynasty

The grass grows all over the country, and there is dew spreading over the grass.

Encountering each other is my wish.

There are vines and weeds in the wild, and there is no dew.

There is a beautiful person, graceful as Qingyang.

Encounter with Zizang.

An unexpected encounter is an encounter.

The fields are green and the dew is clear. In this cool morning, I came across a girl with beautiful eyebrows. Her appearance and posture, piles and pieces are all in the center of her heart.

There are vines in the wild, which is the earliest encounter.

Qingyu case. Lingbo cant pass Hengtang Road

Song Hezhu

Lingbo cant pass through Hengtang Road, but its a sight to see and dust to go.

Yueqiao Flower Courtyard, small window Zhuhu, only Chunzhi.

How much leisure do you have?

A Sichuan tobacco, full of wind, plum yellow when rain.

Sometimes, first encounter is just a watchful journey. For example, Hezhu, a ghost in the Song Dynasty, was confused when he met a beautiful woman on his way. He could only watch her go further and further, and wondered wildly in his heart: Who was so lucky that he could spend his golden years with her?

This is the beauty of the first encounter, with a touch of sadness, a river of tobacco, the city is full of wind, the heart is under a continuous drizzle.

Ancient Acacia (excerpts)

Anonymous in Han Dynasty

Thirteen and Junchu acquaintance, the princes house silk bamboo. Only a review of the feeling of the emperor makes me miss the emperor in the morning and evening. Goodbye to your concubine and dance for you. Its a pity that time is like morning dew. When will you hold the clay nest monarchs house?

Its nice to meet, but the crazy longing after meeting is suffering.


Beauty is the only person who never forgets what he sees.

One day no see, think like crazy.

The Phoenix flies and the sea seeks phoenix.

Helpless beauty, not in the East Wall.

Lets talk about our hearts and hearts.

When to meet Xu Lu, comfort me hesitant.

Wish words are worthy of virtue and hand in hand.

Not to fly, to make me fall.

Because meet, so miss; because miss, so crazy. Hence, there is Fengqiu Huang. Whether it has gone through the difficulties of selling wine together, the official proud of concubines, this feeling is still a little true, but in this moment of first encounter, is the most sincere love, the most intense time.

Song Sushi

Remember when the screen first met. A good dream shocked back and looked at Gaotang Road.

Swallows fly back and forth. Several spring twilight in the screen window.

The embroidery curtain met that day. Low-eyed feint, laugh the whole fragrant cloud.

The Spring Hill was shy and silent. Its hard to complain.

The beauty of first meeting is that many years later, when the lover dies and remembers the other person, it will still be remembered from the very beginning. If you tell someone your story, its also from the first time like one day in that year, I didnt bring an umbrella.

Parrot Sky, Colored Sleeves and Jade Bells

Song Yan Jidao

The colored sleeves hold up the jade bell diligently, but they were drunk and red in those days.

Dance down the heart of Yangliu Tower and sing out the peach blossom fan.

After parting, I remember meeting and dreaming with you several times.

I still have a silver photo tonight. Im afraid its a dream to meet each other.

First encounter is always in the memory of the more perfect. Even after years of blurred memory, they will use the sweetest picture to complete the blurred matter, that person.

After parting, I remember meeting each other. Cant meet again, can only meet in the dream. In the dream, you are as tender and affectionate as you first met, and you dance gracefully; and I, as I first met, feel heartbeat.

The most beautiful thing in the world is first encounter. Whether they meet by chance or by chance, the most unforgettable thing is the heartbeat when they bow their heads and laugh.

Wen/Editor: Xiao Xiaomuxia