Summer ParentsAnxiety: God, start school soon!

 Summer ParentsAnxiety: God, start school soon!

Before, my mother-in-law and husband always laughed at me and said that my mother was made for nothing. When my mother-in-law left, there were still some eccentricities of Yin and Yang, which meant that I should not be successful, but really not, she took one to Changsha.

So, this summer vacation, Im holding my breath. But apart from fighting for breath, my real idea is:

I used to be too busy to spend time with my children. Now its hard to get along with them for a long time. I should seize this opportunity and cultivate the parent-child relationship with my two children.

Whats more, there will be summer holidays every year, and we cant always depend on his mother, let alone his sister, who cant do without her now, so Id better not depend on anyone at all and take over earlier. Maybe, I just need to manage this summer vacation this year, and I will be able to get on with it every year.

However, I have made some specific arrangements in advance. For example, we reported Olympics, English and swimming to our son and painting, dance and language performance to our daughter. I arranged all their courses in July and made a form. Then after the course was over, we could go out to travel together in August.

However, no detailed plan can keep up with the changes in reality. Now, before half of the summer vacation, Im already nervous and emotionally fragile with my two children.

At first, my son caught a cold, and the swimming lesson was not available in advance. We had to push back the time. So we had to change our planned trip in early August in order not to conflict the time of the lesson. But changing the itinerary means that my husband cant go with me. I have to be alone in everything.

Later, my mother fell on her leg and I had to go to the hospital every other day to see her. On two occasions, I was too busy to call my husband to come back and take care of him. He also spoke with his mother-in-law in a tone of cynicism and irony.

What really bothers me is that every time I leave, the two children will toss around like Madness at home. They will not only turn the boxes and empty the cabinets, throw the garbage melon peels everywhere, but also cry and howl, you chase me and fly the eaves to the wall.

These days, I get up at 6:30 every morning, make breakfast for them, and then ask them to get up and brush their teeth around 7:00. But the three of them would not get up until after 7:30 every day, and together they would compete for toilets and wash their faces.

I dont know how to describe such a scene. It can be said that from the moment they opened their eyes, their home became a battlefield in the Middle East.

Many times, even if I stare at them with my eyes, they are also you scolding me, I push you, I have to shout dry tongue blood vessel burst, and have to find a scapegoat finally, they will stop.

And my son, the addiction to playing games is already very heavy. Not only play under my eyelids during the day, but also steal my husbands mobile phone in the middle of the night. How can I say that his grades have never been up? My mother-in-law has been using tablet computers to kill children.

Teacher Azure, after this month, I understand the hardship of motherhood thoroughly. The difficulty of being a mother is not so much to conceive in October, nor to simply cultivate children, but to have a career that can not be abandoned, and at the same time to manage childrens learning and future.

Especially in a very hard industry like mine, there are two very disobedient children, and there is one who listens to his mothers everything, and always likes to talk about your uncanny husband on the side...

Such a woman is really very sad, except to rush forward with closed eyes, there is only one way to die.

In fact, in addition to this reader, these days, in the blue circle of friends and chat groups, it is also able to taste the anxiety and various tastes of summer parents:

There is a summer vacation called, two dolls and a mother, men go home without dolls!

Goodness, there are 38 days to go! Moreover, in July and August, all TMDs have 31, abnormal ah!

God, start school quickly! Im going crazy!

Why do schools have summer vacations? Every day at the end of the world, I really dont want to do it. Send me a sentence!

Do you need to lose weight in summer vacation? Two children are at home, I have to be nervous every day, shout loudly, sweat five or six body! ______________

What is summer vacation? Summer vacation is a woman named Iron Man, who has to work in the hottest sixty or seventy days of the year and take care of her childrens daily life, living and learning travel 24 hours a day without a dead end...