Seemingly familiar! Ma Ning blew the penalty kick to Guo An last week, but he did not blew it vigorously this week.

 Seemingly familiar! Ma Ning blew the penalty kick to Guo An last week, but he did not blew it vigorously this week.

In this battle, the main foreign aid Hulk in Hong Kong can not play. Whether Fuli can take the lead in breaking the other sides city pool is very important to win the game. In the 25th minute of the match, Guangzhou Fuli created chaos in the restricted area. He Ji, Shanghai Shanggang guard, appeared handball in the top contest. After watching VAR, Manning, the referee, signaled to confirm the handball foul. Guangzhou Fuli team got a penalty, but the video assistant referee had been communicating with Manning. Fuli coach Stoikovic squatted on the ground with his back. Waiting for Saba to accomplish it overnight.

However, after waiting for up to three minutes, Ma Ning received the final decision of the video assistant referee, indicating that Fuli had offside in the instant of passing, but from the perspective of slow camera, Xiao Zhi did offside even though it was VAR. In the end, Ma Ning changed the verdict, the penalty kick was cancelled and the offensive offside was in the first place.

Coincidentally, the last round of Manning law enforcement in Beijing Guoan home game and Hebei Huaxia Happy Competition, the same situation occurred. At that time, there was an urgent need to win three points of Guoan in Beijing at home, and until it was almost time to make up, it still drew with its opponents.

But then, Guo Ans attack, after the corner kick, the offensive player Fernando was still on the goal line. At this moment, when Guo Ans players passed the ball forward with their heels, the last defender of the Chinese defender was dozens of centimeters away from the goal line. Two offside players with unusually clear positions took the ball and Manning turned a blind eye to it. It eventually resulted in handball in the restricted area of China, but Manin gave Guoan a penalty directly at that time. In the end, the Royal Forest Army won two penalties in the last minute of the match, thus defeating the opponent 2-0.

However, the similar situation in this match made Guangzhou Fulis penalty, which was judged offside, become the focus of the competition again.

Coincidentally, similar penalties were imposed last weekend at the stage of work safety supplementary time. After listening to the video assistant referees opinions, Manning awarded the home team a penalty, and finally the Royal Forest Army defeated the opponent by a 2-0 score.

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