Hacker organizations are related to the Chinese government? China: Its all out of nothing.

 Hacker organizations are related to the Chinese government? China: Its all out of nothing.

Q: On the 7th, the Pakistani government issued a statement that it would downgrade its diplomatic relations with India and suspend bilateral trade. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: China has taken note of the relevant statement of Pakistan. It is imperative that the parties concerned stop unilaterally changing the status quo and avoid escalating the situation. We call on Pakistan and India to resolve disputes through dialogue and consultation and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability.

Q: A recent United Nations report says that companies from Israel, Britain, North Korea and China have provided weapons to Myanmar since 2016. Can you confirm the news? What is your comment on this report of the United Nations?

A: Myanmar is a friendly neighbor of China. China and Myanmar maintain friendly cooperation in various fields, including normal military and trade exchanges. The Chinese government has always taken a prudent and responsible attitude towards military exports, strictly administering military exports in accordance with Chinas international obligations and domestic laws and regulations, and following the three principles of military exports: helping the recipient countrys legitimate self-defence capacity; not harming the peace, security and stability of relevant regions and the world; and Intervention in the internal affairs of recipient countries.

Q: FireEye, a network research company, released a report that a hacker organization working for the Chinese government attacked online game companies and encrypted money suppliers for personal gain. According to FireEye, these hackers work for the Chinese government and are involved in some commercial hacking activities for their own benefit. What is Chinas response to this?

A: The company you mentioned has repeatedly accused China of cybersecurity issues. It is purely out of nothing and has ulterior motives. China resolutely opposes this.

China is a firm defender of cyber security and firmly opposes and combats any form of cyber attacks and theft. Cyberspace has strong virtuality, difficult traceability and diverse actors. When investigating and defining cyberspace events, sufficient evidence should be provided, and no unprovoked guess should be made. Irresponsible accusations only exacerbate tensions in cyberspace and poison the cooperative environment.

In addition, I would like to say that there are many people who are most active in cyber attacks and secret theft around the world.

Q: According to people familiar with the situation, after China said it would stop buying American agricultural products, the US delayed the decision of American enterprises and Huawei to restart business license. Whats your comment on this?

A: I dont understand what you said about the U.S. decision. I suggest you check with the U.S. side. I would like to emphasize that:

The United States has used its national power to impose unprovoked sanctions and suppress Chinese enterprises, seriously harming the national image and self-interest of the United States, and even more seriously undermining the global industrial chain and supply chain. It has been and will continue to be widely opposed and resisted by all countries in the world. We note that American companies such as Qualcomm, Intel and Meguiar have asked the U.S. government to make timely decisions on licensing issues. U.S. Commerce Secretary Ross said on July 30 that more than 50 applications for Huaweis sales license had been received, and the number is expected to increase. I think the attitude of the business community is clear. The United States Government has also made commitments on relevant issues.

We urge the US side to stop unreasonable repression and sanctions against Chinese enterprises such as Huawei and treat Chinese enterprises in a fair, fair and non-discriminatory manner. We urge the US side to abandon illusions and show sincerity in a responsible attitude towards the American people, Sino-US relations and the world economy, and to work with China to resolve their concerns and differences through consultation on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

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