Five Takeaway KTV Killed Young Mother Involving KTV: Too fierce to ignore

 Five Takeaway KTV Killed Young Mother Involving KTV: Too fierce to ignore

KTV responded that young mothers were killed: chaos did not dare to stop (Source: ~)

Hefei, Anhui Province. KTV responded to the stories about five takeaway brothers killing their young mothers. At that time, the scene was chaotic and dared not be stopped, but it did not evade its responsibility. The responsibility was determined by the judiciary. Lawyers say KTV has an obligation to ensure the safety of its guests.

Five takeaway riders killed their young mother in KTV

August 7, Hefei, Anhui Province. Police escorted five suspects in the 7.28 homicide case to the scene for identification. On July 28, five takeaway riders went to KTV to sing after drinking, and a young mother was beaten to death because of unsuccessful chat-up. Five people have been detained.

The woman and her family were beaten to death after being asked to accompany her to KTV and refused to drink

On July 28, 2019, a woman was killed in a Taipei original singing KTV at the junction of Tongling Road and Binhe Road in Yaohai District, Hefei City. The police confirmed that at about 23:00 p.m., when several persons involved went to Box 818 to find Zhang Mou to chat up, the three men met Zhang Mou and Zhu Mou who returned from the bathroom outside the door of Box 818, and the victim Zhu Mou-mou pulled Zhang Mou back to Box 818. Subsequently, Wang Mou, the person involved, entered Box 818 and had an argument with the victims husband, Xu Mou. During this period, Wang repeatedly assaulted the victim Zhu Mou-mou on the head, resulting in Zhu Mou-mous shock on the spot. Early in the morning of July 30, injured woman Zhu Moumou died of ineffective rescue.