Liu Sir returns to the Hong Kong Police Force! Zeng Jiabao introduced water gun truck to dispose of Zhanzhong

 Liu Sir returns to the Hong Kong Police Force! Zeng Jiabao introduced water gun truck to dispose of Zhanzhong

This news has aroused concern at a time when the situation in Hong Kong is still unstable. The evaluation said that Liu Yecheng had rich experience in operational command and had dealt with illegal Zhanzhong and Mongkok riots during his tenure.

Activists who are in charge of action

The political circle has noticed that Liu Yecheng is an old criminal policeman who started from the front line of police affairs.

According to his resume, Liu joined the police force in 1984. In the first ten years of serving the police force, Liu Yecheng was mainly responsible for criminal investigation in the police area and headquarters. Since 1994, he has been transferred to the Training Department, Personnel Department, Police Public Relations Section, Hong Kong Island District Operations Department, Kowloon City Police District, Yau Tsim Police District, Information System Department, Water Police District and Supervision Department.

From 2000 to 2003, the Hong Kong Airport Authority was seconded to oversee the aviation security services at the Hong Kong International Airport. In 2006, he was promoted to Chief Police Officer of the Hong Kong Police Force. In 2010, he was promoted to Assistant Chief of Police of Hong Kong. In 2013, he was promoted to Senior Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Police Department.

In October 2016, he was promoted to Deputy Chief of Police of Hong Kong. In November 2018, Liu Yecheng retired from the Hong Kong Police Department. Deng Bingqiang took over the post of Deputy Chief of Police (Operations).

Readers who are not familiar with the structure of the Hong Kong Police System may not understand. What is the position of Deputy Chief of Police (Operations)?

Simply put, the high-level structure of the Hong Kong Police System is composed of one Chief of Police and two Deputy Chiefs of Police. Among the two deputy directors, one is responsible for operations and the other is responsible for management. Liu Yechengs action after his post means that he is not an administrative leader, but a doer in the front line.

Zeng Jiabao introduced water gun truck to deal with occupying the middle

The report disclosed that Liu Yichengs special post as deputy director of the temporary police department for six months after his return to the police force.

In an interview with Global Times, Chen Zuguang, former chairman of the Hong Kong Police Assistant Association, said that special duty refers to a position that is full-time responsible for designated work. In the past, it has been under the level of Chief Police Officer of the Hong Kong Police Force, but it is unprecedented at the level of Chief Police Officer. He disclosed that the police action against all the large and small demonstrations triggered by the revision of the regulations was called the action of trampers, and that Liu Yecheng might be the top commander of the action. Meanwhile, according to the communique, Liu Yecheng, who holds this temporary position, will also be responsible for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the National Day.

The reason why retired Liu Yicheng was ordered to return to the police force temporarily in danger is related to his experience of dealing with sudden changes. The report shows that Liu Yecheng has rich experience in operational command.

In 2005, Liu Yecheng, then Senior Police Chief of Hong Kong Island, participated in the response to the Hannon demonstration riots at the World Trade Organization.

In 2014, he was appointed Director of Operations, and set up a General Area Response Team and introduced water cannon trucks to deal with illegal occupancy;

During the disposal of the riots in Mongkok, he arranged for tactical instructors to come to the scene to give advice.

Chengzhi Circle consulted the tender documents disclosed. Hong Kong had imported and purchased water cannon trucks to install two large, four small, six water cannons, with three water tanks for water supply. The two main cannons can shoot at least 1200 litres of water per minute, with a minimum water pressure of 1000kPa (kPa), with a range of 50 meters. The cannons can rotate around 180 degrees to achieve 360 degrees of omni-directional coverage, and the cannon can move up and down. It is worth mentioning that besides spraying water and bubbles, water cannon trucks can also be mixed with tear smoke agent and pigments to eject.

This Director is not the other Director

At the Forum on the situation in Hong Kong held the day before yesterday, Zhang Xiaoming, Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Office of the State Council, pointed out that Hong Kong is facing the most serious situation since the return of China. Stopping riots and restoring order is the most urgent and overriding task at present.

Is it enough to rehire a district director at a critical moment? The political circle needs to explain that the offices of the Chief and Deputy Chiefs of Police in Hong Kong are different from those of the Mainland.

According to the data, the Chief of Police in Hong Kong is a Constitutional Commission rank in the Hong Kong Police Rank System. The rank is above the Vice-Chief and is the highest-ranking officer of the Hong Kong Police Department. As a principal official of the Hong Kong Government, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region must report to the State Council of the Peoples Republic of China for appointment.

The current Chief of Police in Hong Kong is Mr. Lu Weicong, who served in 2015. He also served as Deputy Chief of Police (Operations).

According to his resume, after graduating from the University of Hong Kong in 1984, he joined the Hong Kong Police Force as an inspector. At the beginning of his tenure in the police force, he worked in different areas of criminal work in the General District and the Organized Crimes and Triad Investigation Section. At the same time, he is responsible for planning and developing the Major Event Investigation and Disaster Support System of the police force. In 2013, Lu Weicong was appointed Deputy Chief of Police (Operations), and one year later he was appointed Deputy Chief of Police (Management). In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the State Council decided on May 4, 2015 to appoint Lu Weicong as Chief of Police.

Political circles have noted that besides holding a masters degree in risk, crisis and disaster management, Lu Weicong has also taken various overseas training courses for many years: the police director command course of Beijing Peoples Public Security University in 2004, and the senior government official management course of Harvard University in Boston in 2007.

It is worth mentioning that last year, the HKSAR Government announced that the Chief of Police, Lu Weicong, who will reach retirement age in November 2018, was extended for 12 months to November 18, 2019. Director Lu Weicong was re-appointed to facilitate the smooth handover of police management.

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