The actress suspected that her cellphone was still frequently pressed for debts 164 days after her suicide due to Internet loans.

 The actress suspected that her cellphone was still frequently pressed for debts 164 days after her suicide due to Internet loans.

I will not give up!

On August 9, Fengyuan, a Linfen native in Shanxi Province, told Red Star News that 164 days had passed since his daughter suspected suicide by jumping from a building due to Internet loans. His daughters mobile phone was still frequently reminded of debts every day. He was distressed by the pain his daughter had experienced in her lifetime and believed that the police could repay her fairly.

Feng Jie, a 21-year-old dancer working in a dance troupe in Xian, committed suicide by jumping from the windowsill on the 17th floor of her rented community at about 3 a.m. on February 26 this year. Feng Yuan found that her daughter had repaid the online loan for three years by herself. The first loan was 4,000 yuan. Three years later, with interest, she had to repay 130,000 to 170,000 yuan, involving many platforms. During this period, she was repeatedly criticized and intimidated by the collectors.

Feng Yuan suspects that her daughters suicide may be forced by online loans.

Feng Jies Picture and Data Network

There are three handwritten bills, 20 days a month to pay back, involving multiple platforms. Feng Yuan told Red Star News that in the bill, in December 2018 alone, she had to repay a loan of 31489.25 yuan, and a single online lending company had 10138.5 yuan. According to Feng Yuans mobile phone transactions and banking records, Feng Jies first loan was in 2015, when she borrowed 4,000 yuan to buy a mobile phone on an online lending platform. Later, the borrowing has been to break down the East Wall to make up the West Wall, and there is no large consumption.

Feng Yuan found her daughters handwritten repayment bills network when she was sorting out the relics

On April 8, the Dongyi Road Police Station of Yanta District in Xian formally filed an investigation after receiving the relevant flow bills provided by Feng Yuan. Afterwards, Feng Yuan insisted on calling the police every few days to inquire about the investigation progress of the case. In four months, I went to Xian about five or six times, each time without substantial progress.

On August 9, Red Star News called Dongyi Road Police Station and Yanta District Public Security Bureau several times, and no further response was received as of the publication. According to previous reports, Red Star News called relevant online lending companies to inquire about the solution of the debt problem after the death of the borrower and why the borrower still calls them to collect debt after his death, but customer service said it would report to the companys leadership and reply after knowing the situation.

Feng Yuan told Red Star News that the police had orally relayed a financial audit report to him the other day. Due to the vague and incomplete data, he asked for further data collation and analysis. I dont approve of the current financial audit report, and raised some doubts, waiting for the police to follow-up investigation.

During this period, Feng Yuans daughters mobile phone still receives many reminder calls every day. More than a dozen or dozens of reminder calls come every day. Feng Yuan told Red Star News that her daughter Feng Jie had a good personality. She studied dancing in elementary school and worked as a performer in Xian after graduation from university. She had a bright future, but something like this happened. I cant believe that a cheerful and optimistic daughter would choose to commit suicide.

Chat Records between Feng Yuan and Red Star Journalists

Before choosing to jump from a building to commit suicide, Feng Jie left such a sentence on her mobile phone: Im sorry! I should be such a free and easy person, but I still suffer from depression, I am sorry for everyone. Im sorry! I really think thats enough. Fortunately, Im not an only child. Mom and Dad, Im sorry! Im voluntary. I dont blame anyone. I hope Ill always be kind, including my soul.

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