Shanghai Closed Landscape Lamp and Bund Viewing Platform Affected by Lichma

 Shanghai Closed Landscape Lamp and Bund Viewing Platform Affected by Lichma

In order to ensure the operation of the city and the safety of tourists, Shanghai Greening and Appearance Department will close the citys landscape lights from August 9 to 10. At the same time, Shanghai Greening Municipal Appearance Department reminds citizens to avoid going out in typhoon days and pay attention to personal safety.

From 6:45 p.m. on August 9, the Bund Viewing Platform is not open yet.

The Bund Riverside Broadcasting System broadcasts tips uninterruptedly. In addition, the Shanghai Bund has taken measures to close the entrances and exits of the riverbank viewing platform. The broadcasting started east of Henan Road, Nanjing East Road, to remind tourists not to go to the Bund viewing platform.

In order to cope with the impact of typhoon Lichma, the citys green city appearance industry has organized nine city-level inspection teams to conduct spot checks and inspections on the citys flood prevention work of environmental sanitation, greening, landscape lighting and forestry. Since August 8, 5298 patrols have been carried out to repair outdoor advertising signboards. 1160 pieces of outdoor advertising signboards with hidden safety hazards have been found, 319 pieces have been strengthened, 841 pieces have been demolished and 4629 pieces of temporary advertisements have been demolished. As of August 9, greening departments have strengthened more than 62,000 plants, thinned more than 192,000 plants and repaired more than 22,000 plants.

Emergency measures have been taken in 300 urban parks in the city, and measures such as closure of parks will be taken in accordance with emergency plans and early warning levels. 459 green emergency teams in the city are on standby.

In terms of environmental sanitation and cleaning, there are more than 26,000 road cleaners on duty in the city. 703 water-prone sections of the city are sorted out. Garbage and sludge around nearly 100,000 drainage outlets are removed to ensure smooth drainage. 46,000 waste boxes in the city are cleaned up in an all-round way. On August 9, 656 cars have been swept out of the motive. 497 car washes, a total of 1183 tons of road and waste bins were cleared, 376 emergency teams for environmental sanitation were on standby in the city. Environmental sanitation departments are mobilizing empty containers to transfer terminals to ensure that residents in central urban areas are not affected by garbage backlog during the flood season.

Traffic police command traffic in Dalian Road Tunnel. Mapping by Traffic Police Department

On the afternoon of August 9, Hongkou Traffic Police launched an emergency plan in Dalian Road Tunnel, where non-motorized vehicles were escorted in batches by police vehicles to cross the river in an orderly manner. Considering the wet and slippery road surface in the tunnel, the fleet is controlled by the police car to ensure the safety of non-motorized vehicles crossing the river.

The Huangpu Traffic Police detachment mainly leads the team to organize on-site command at the tunnel entrance of Fuxing East Road, opens the upper Lane on the south side of Fuxing East Road Tunnel for temporary traffic of non-motorized vehicles, and takes such measures as alternate clearance, speed control in front of police vehicles, and civilian police guidance and command to ensure the safety of non-motorized vehicles crossing the river.

Pudong Traffic Police detachment, together with 21 major takeout express companies in the region, will deliver all takeout express delivery brothers in Pudong area before the landing of Lichma to further reduce the pressure of road traffic accidents and ensure the safety and orderliness of road traffic during the transit period of typhoon. Warm tips were given to remind the brothers to observe the surrounding conditions, slow down, do not run red lights, do not retrograde, do not occupy the road stops in disorder, to ensure their own and other traffic safety.

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