Football Association to Strengthen the Management of Judges: Judges must not be allowed to accept third-party reception

 Football Association to Strengthen the Management of Judges: Judges must not be allowed to accept third-party reception

Measures include: increasing the number of high-level foreign referees. At present, the Chinese Football Association has hired foreign referees such as Kratonberg, Marwich and other law enforcement leagues. From this week, more foreign referees will join the Chinese Super League and the Chinese League A in the decision-making; increasing the supervision of VAR referees in important matches to provide technology for the accuracy of VAR referees and penalties. Supports and supervises the introduction of 3D offside technology, negotiates with technical suppliers who have provided VAR for the Russian World Cup and the French Womens World Cup to increase automatic offside identification system, and provides high-precision digital communication technology for the referee team to improve communication efficiency.

At the same time, the meeting once again emphasized the strengthening of the disciplinary management of referees and competition areas. The referee Management Department of the Chinese Football Association will strengthen the work of referee selection, and select referees more scientifically and rationally according to the principle of avoidance; all referees of the Chinese Super League and the Chinese First League will be subject to post-match evaluation. In case of major problems, the Chinese Football Association will punish them according to the regulations of referee management; the referee management department and discipline. The procuratorial and supervisory departments form joint working groups to strengthen the supervision of relevant personnel, dispatch supervisors to major events, strictly examine the work of referees, and never allow any referees to accept any third party reception. Once the staff of the competition area or the competition supervision and the referee supervision find any referee-related. Suspicious behavior or clues should be reported immediately. The Chinese Football Association will coordinate and verify the situation. If it confirms that it has violated the rules and regulations, it will take measures including handing over to the judicial organs according to the seriousness of the circumstances.

The referee work is complex and arduous. All participating clubs, athletes and coaches should understand and respect the referees decision. The Chinese Football Association also welcomes the supervision from all walks of life to work hand in hand to create a good League atmosphere.

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