u201d How much unnecessary forgiveness there is in a relationship, how much grievance there is.

 u201d How much unnecessary forgiveness there is in a relationship, how much grievance there is.

Some people say, See if you still love, if you still love, you still dont want to miss it.

Others said, Of course not, he let me go, now why let me go back?


It reminds me of a video I saw on tremolo:

A man is afraid of the hard road ahead and desperately breaks through their obstacles to pursue a girl. When the girl opens her heart to accept him, he dumps the girl again. But when he looked back and found that he still loved her and wanted to save her, he found that the girl had built a thick wall in front of her heart and could not break it.

This is also common in life.

Many men sweetly talk and try their best when chasing girls, but their love fades and they dislike them when they catch up with them.

Imagine that when you open your heart with joy, try to accept him, and fantasize about each others future in your heart, he is ready to get off at any time. Will he be desperate?

Love is accumulation, not love is also, broken heart, it is very difficult to recover.

And its not worth forgiving those who hurt you again and again in your feelings.

Many girls cherish their feelings. Once they are hurt in their feelings, they will choose to compromise because they cant bear the good memories of the past.

But they forget how much forgiveness there is in their feelings and how much grievance there will be.

Choose to leave, is the dust settled;

Forgiveness is another gamble. Maybe youll win, maybe youll lose.

I have seen a short film, a cheating boyfriend, a girl who chooses to forgive one after another, and a frank dialogue.

In this open conversation, the girl said one by one that the man had hurt her moments.

I happened to see your cell phone that day, and there were other girlstext messages and photos for you;

Once I went into your room and there were other girls in it. You asked me to leave.

You said youd never do that again, but you didnt.

I dont know why you havent left you after many derailments. Im probably foolish.