Nine years in a Masters Degree of Infant GirlsLove cant defeat her predecessors deep feelings.

 Nine years in a Masters Degree of Infant GirlsLove cant defeat her predecessors deep feelings.

I am 28, height 164, weight 52, masters degree. Former 28, height 170, weight 60, undergraduate. Both sides have the same appearance. Both of them have annual salaries of about 200,000 yuan, and there is room for greater appreciation.

In our past life, I was in Shaoguan when I was an undergraduate. He was in Zhuhai. He was a delicate and considerate person. He didnt want me to be tired. We gathered once a month, mostly because he came to see me in Shaoguan.

We have many differences:

He saves himself a lot, and then he saves money to buy a car. I dont have time to be a tutor in Yansan. He has offered me living expenses for one year. He doesnt go to Huangshan on business in Anhui (but we have traveled to Changsha, and we often go hiking).

I love spending money. I often spend it in advance. I am a female engineering student. When I was looking for a job in Yansan, I spent 16,000 years registering for training artificial intelligence (stages) and traveling to Tibet in Yunnan (credit card) during the New Years Day in Yansan.

His attitude toward me was that he knew afterwards that he would give me a good lecture (because I told him that he would definitely oppose it) and that I had to change my mind because I cried several times about the money problem. Then hell pay me back the kind, but Id rather take it on my own than be told that.

I love his thoughtfulness, loyalty and filial piety. I hate his pattern and control.

In my undergraduate year, I went to the club to hide from him. He cared that I would contact other members of the opposite sex. He always tells me that there is no need to go to the club to get any recognition. He said that he didnt need them, and why did I need them (I was unhappy in my undergraduate course and had no friends with my classmates).

The screenshot was last weeks chat with my predecessor. He filmed again in April 2019. I wanted to save it, but now its completely abandoned.

On-site Answer

Interactive feedback

Cold love: Let me ask you a few questions directly.

You need me to analyze your past communication style, give you some advice and find a partner, right?

What do you think is wrong with your communication with him?

Mumu (alias): I have uploaded a few chat screenshots, that is, we always seem to quarrel, always do not believe each other, and then maybe we have some different values. Hes a great money saver. Im a great money spender.

Cold love: He spent a lot of money for you?

Mumu: No, maybe 120,000.

Cold love: For a student, quite a lot.

Mumu: He has graduated. I am a master and he is an undergraduate, but in fact, I will give him some of my bonuses.

Mumu: So why is it so far? Maybe Im today ___________.

Cold love: Answer my question.

Mumu: I think so.

Cold love: So its enough.

Mumu: Yes.

Lets go deeper into this problem. I see the essence of this matter. Actually, you two have nothing to analyze in the past. I am a little concerned about your future.

If you cant change your present, you will still repeat the past.

Your past can be described in a sentence:

Because you havent done what you should have done, you should have sorted out your own consumption, made your own financial planning, and done your own consumption management, but you havent. He also needs to help you pay, which is something he shouldnt have done.

For a man, his prayer may be a 1 + 1 > 2 effect: I am looking for a life partner, I am not looking for a woman to drag me down.

So he left because he didnt want to be consumed by you.

In this process, we can understand a person who is afraid of being consumed. He thought at first that he could do anything for you. He may have really loved you.

But when this love flows to you as money and is wasted by you, he feels that he has lost his love, and when he feels that his love has been consumed, he will leave.

And where is your future? If you want a future in which you can find a partner that will satisfy you and have a good relationship, where is the future?

A person who does not do homework on the first day and the next day asks me on the seventh day if I can do well in the final exam without doing homework. Is it possible to do well in the final exam?

Its impossible because I havent finished my homework.

So the future you want can only be achieved if you change the present and work hard at your homework.

What is this lesson? On the surface, it seems to be learning how to manage money, or how to treat wealth. On the deeper level, this lesson is how to deal with the relationship between yourself and wealth, how to love every penny you earn, and how to give this money a worthwhile place.

Although we dont have much time to get into the story behind you, I believe there is a huge story behind you about your money and you.

I can sense a story where you cant handle the relationship with money. You have to finish the story yourself.

Awareness itself is change, and when you see it, your change has happened; when you come to our scene today, the change has happened.

So, theres one of the most important changes between todays you and the future one who finds a satisfying partner - changing your relationship with money.

As an adult, I am responsible for my own money. I cant leave all the money that loves me when Im near you because I love you.

So if you want to find a partner that will satisfy you, you have to change your relationship with money. I believe that when change happens, that person will come to you.

Cold love: Todays creation is here, how do you feel about todays creation?

Cold love: Can you imagine that I live like this every day?

Crowd: But now its very fresh for me, who has only seen questions and answers.

Mass: Good!