WM Teams Fifth Personality IVC Post-match Interview Zero Enlightenment: Beat the other side into confusion

 WM Teams Fifth Personality IVC Post-match Interview Zero Enlightenment: Beat the other side into confusion

Q: Regrettably, how are the players feeling when they enter the losers group?

A: In fact, for the losers, we have psychological preparation before, after all, the opponent is a strong Gr team. But its impossible to be in a good mood. Its still a little bit frustrated. The current situation is to prepare well for the next game.

Q: The whole team played well in the second game. What do you think is the best thing to do to keep it going?

Q: What are your expectations and goals for the teams performance in this elite competition?

Q: Talk about yourself. When did you start to get in touch with and like the game Fifth Personality?

A: I came into contact early and started playing in the first season. At the beginning of the game, I was still scared and panicked. Later, I slowly adapted to it, but I find it more and more difficult, and I feel I cant win. Until the third season, suddenly there was no such hard feeling, can win. But now I feel very difficult, but the difficulty at this stage is the level of detail, which is different from the original.

Q: I have observed that you often use Jack as a supervisor in competitions. Can you share with you the experience of this supervisor?

A: If its shared with entry-level players, a simple point is that dont worry about getting the knife out. Because Jacks fog blade has only one in 20 seconds, its easy to get out of the knife in a hurry, which means its a waste of 20 seconds. For non-novice Jack players, crossing the fog blade of the board is a practicable skill, which is powerful because it can hit people even if it is smashed.

Q: There was a stump that flashed into the hole before. This time, there was another flashing collision. Why do you always have a special love for flashing?

A: I didnt mean to do that either. I didnt want to have such a quintessential operation in the game. Maybe its a bit hard to get past Blink. In fact, in addition to Blink into the hole, Blink, Blink smashed, Blink hit the wall are often happened.

Q: Are there any survivors who like to use in training or ranking?

A: I prefer playing with cowboys. In fact, I should like the forward, but this survivor is a bit difficult for me to operate, in contrast, I have a little more talent for cowboys.

Q: Which team or player are you most impressed by after four games of the IVC Summer Elite?

A: The players words are Mr. Gryicha, who knocked me down, and it was very uncomfortable. The teams words should be Itc, because it feels that the survivors of this team are very stable, like there is a shield, I as a regulator is difficult to break through.

Q: This week you will face the defeated Mah team. Lets give a brief comment on your opponents.

A: I mainly know about the two supervisors of Mahs team. Xiao Chengs Dream Witch plays very well. Crazy is a rare Red Butterfly player. This week we have also trained for Mah and hope that the game will play well.

Q: Finally, cheer up your teammates and say something to the fans who support the WM team.

A: I hope that the teammates will keep their usual minds and type out what they usually train without leaving any regrets. In fact, the WM team is a new team. Thank you very much for your support. The WM team will try its best to play well. I will continue to use flash well in the future, but I hope it is flash handsome, not flash amusement.

Okay, thank you again for the interview with WM Zero, and wish the WM team a better performance in the next match, and go further in the IVC Summer Elite Competition!! ______________

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On the Fifth Personality

Fifth Personality is Neteases first asymmetric competitive hand-swimming. The absurd Gothic style, the suspenseful brain-burning plot, and the stimulating 1V4 method of confrontation will bring players a new game experience. Players will play Detective Olpheus and, after receiving a mysterious letter of commission, enter the notorious estate to investigate a missing case. In the course of evidence investigation, players will play Olfis using deductive method to review the case. In retrospect, players can choose to act as supervisors or survivors to launch fierce confrontations. In the process of investigation, when we approach the facts infinitely, we find more and more incredible truth.


The Fifth Personality Elite Competition (IVC) is a top-level event held by the Fifth Personality Game for anchors and high-level games on various platforms. It is divided into two sessions each year: the Summer Elite Competition and the Winter Elite Competition. The Summer Elite Competition is held from July to August, and the Winter Elite Competition is held from November to December. Eventually, 16 teams will participate in each elite competition through selection, and compete for the glory of elite championship and rich prize money. At the same time, elite champions will also have the opportunity to advance to the fifth personality annual global finals (COA).

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