How rich is Hejin? Bill Gates wants to cry after reading it.

 How rich is Hejin? Bill Gates wants to cry after reading it.

The seemingly joking saying Hejin falls, Jiaqing eats and satisfies actually reflects the most real situation of the year. The word rich but enemy country is absolutely real in Hejie. The question arises: to what extent does he have enough money to reach the level of an enemy country?

Of course, there are many later versions of this list, and opinions vary. What we are talking about today is the edition of Chinas First Historical Archives.

1. Cash

Gold hidden at home is like cash we put at home now. How much cash does Hejie have? Under the courtyard of Hejing, there is a large basement. It is said that there are more than 32,000 pieces of gold in the warehouse and the wall of the courtyard alone. There are more than 3 million pieces of silver in the cellar. At that time, the Qing governments annual financial revenue was just over 50 million.

In addition, in his basement, 100 CNOOC Chijin Yuanbao were estimated to be about 1.5 million silver, and 100 Baiyin Yuanbao were estimated to be about 102,000 silver. In addition, there are raw gold sand, red gold, silver, silver and so on. The amount of silver converted into silver is about 15.6 million.

2. Real Estate and Shop

Hejins mansion Prince Gong Mansion is located in the present Xicheng District of Beijing. The mansion has 513 rooms and covers an area of 60,000 square meters, half of which are backyard gardens. According to the current price of Xicheng District in Beijing, it is estimated that the value of this land is more than 6 billion RMB. Of course, this is only land valuation, not decoration design, nor its historical value.

To this point, Xiaobian should silently sigh a sentence: and his life, has he really walked through his own house?

In addition to his own housing, he also has more than 8,000 mu of good farmland, pawnshops, silver shop also has hundreds of, the sphere of influence throughout the country.

3. Collections

Whether ancient or modern, wealthy people have a common hobby: collecting things. Hejie is no exception.

So how many of his collections are there? Listed one by one can directly publish a paper, lets pick a few examples of large numbers: more than 300 self-ringing bells, more than 280 foreign watches, more than 60 Dadongzhu (each weighing 22), 236 Pearl strings, 1100 gemstone beads, 383 small rubies, 280 large rubies, 3820 kinds of rubies as you wish, and emerald heads. More than 28000 ornaments...

Its only a small part! With the rest that we havent counted, the total value is about 264 million. In addition, there are wild records, the original list of two, the total value should be as high as 800 million more than two. Dont ask me what this number means. I wrote it here and its numb.

One exclamation: This is Jiaqings timely action, and let him go for decades, I am afraid he can double his corruption amount.

Well, after that, Hejing, lets talk about the richest man in the world.

According to Forbes Global Rich List in 2018, Jeff Bezos ranked first with a total wealth of $128.4 billion. How does this level compare with that of Hejie?

The purchasing power of one or two silver in the Qing Dynasty was about 750 yuan. The total cash in the list is 108,956,000 pairs (gold is converted to 1:8 at that time), and the silver pairs are put in modern times at about $11.601 billion. Since the housing price is about US$852 million, the price of all kinds of collections is about US$28.11 billion. A total of $40.563 billion.

Looking at this, it seems that Hejin cant even squeeze in the top ten of the worlds rich list. Dont worry, we are all calculating the surface value here. The increase of collections, the price of room decoration and the income of pawnshop ticket number are not included in this list, that is to say... The data weve got so far are just Hejins pocket money... Whats more, there are rumors that this is only one tenth of all his property... As for where he could be today, Xiaobian felt that at least the top ten would be no problem.

In fact, there is a simpler way to detect, that is, to burn money together with Gong and Bill Gates to play, who burns for a long time, who can win the first place. After all, Bill Gates has a lot of money as a longtime top player. (Im sore about this way of competing...)

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