Xi Jinpings Outline for Learning Socialist Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era (15)

 Xi Jinpings Outline for Learning Socialist Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era (15)

It is an important principle for our Party to manage our country and government to make overall plans for development and security, to enhance the sense of suffering and to think about dangers in peace. At present, China is facing a complex and changeable security and development environment. Various predictable and unpredictable risk factors have increased significantly, and various risks may accumulate continuously or even concentrate on exposing. The connotation and extension of national security are richer than at any time in history, the space-time field is broader than at any time in history, the internal and external factors are more complex than at any time in history, and the task of safeguarding national security and social stability is very arduous.

(143) On the basis of accurately grasping the new features and trends of the changing national security situation, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core innovates the concept of national security, commands the overall situation of national security, and creatively puts forward the overall concept of national security. The overall concept of national security has raised our Partys understanding of national security to a new height and realm, and has provided basic guidelines for solving the problems faced by our national security and promoting the work of national security in the new era.

The key to the overall concept of national security is overall, which emphasizes the systematic thinking and methods of doing a good job of national security. The prominent concept is big security, which covers politics, military, territory, economy, culture, society, science and technology, network, ecology, resources, nuclear, overseas interests, space, deep sea, polar regions, biology, etc. Many fields are ubiquitous, and will continue to expand with the development of society. Implementing the overall concept of national security requires us to attach importance to both development and security issues, external and internal security, territorial and national security, traditional and non-traditional security, self-security and common security. We need to improve the national security system, strengthen national security capacity-building, and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.

2. Setting out a National Security Road with Chinese Characteristics

(144) To adhere to the overall concept of national security, we must uphold the principle of national interests, peoples security, political security, economic security, military, cultural and social security, promote international security, safeguard national security in all fields, build a national security system and go to China. Characteristic national security road.

Adhere to the two major issues of overall development and security. Development is the basis and purpose of security. Security is the condition and guarantee of development. Development and security should be promoted simultaneously. We should not only be good at using the achievements of development to consolidate the strength of national security, but also be good at shaping a safe environment conducive to economic and social development, so as to promote security, ensure development with safety, and strive to build a long-term trend of stability and grow the cause of governance.

We should adhere to the organic unity of peoples security, political security and the supremacy of national interests. Peoples security is the purpose of national security, political security is the foundation of national security, and national interests are the criterion of national security. We should adhere to national security, create good living and development conditions and stable production and living environment for the people for the sake of the people and all depending on them; give priority to the security of regime and system and provide fundamental political guarantee for national security; and take national interests as the starting point of formulating national security strategy, more resolute and more resolute. Effectively safeguard and safeguard the national interests, especially the core interests, so as to realize the peoples living and working in peace and contentment, the long-term ruling of the Party and the long-term stability of the country.

Adhere to prevention and effectively handle risks. Faced with the uncertain international situation, complex and sensitive surrounding environment, arduous and arduous task of reform, development and stability, we must always keep a high degree of vigilance. We should be alert not only to the Black Swan incident, but also to the Grey Rhinoceros incident. We should not only have the first hand to prevent risks, but also have the high tactics to deal with and resolve the risk challenges. We should not only prepare to prevent and resist risks, but also fight the strategic initiative to turn danger into disaster and turn danger into opportunity.

Adhere to safeguarding and shaping national security. To safeguard national security, we should grasp the great changes in the international order, make overall plans based on the premise of preventing risks, plan against the background of the important period of strategic opportunities for Chinas development, maintain strategic determination, strategic confidence and strategic patience, and firmly grasp the strategic initiative in our hands. Shaping is a higher level and more forward-looking maintenance. We should play the role of a responsible big country, guide the international community to jointly shape a more just and rational new international order, and promote all parties to move towards the goal of mutual benefit and common security.

Adhere to scientific co-ordination. We should deal with all kinds of problems in the field of security as a whole, make scientific research and judgment, make dialectical analysis, comprehensively grasp and coordinate the progress. We should not only pay attention to the overall plan, but also focus on breakthroughs to promote the overall progress, and earnestly do a good job in all aspects of national security. Strengthen national security education, enhance the Partys and the peoples national security awareness, fully mobilize all aspects of enthusiasm, and promote the whole society to form a strong joint force to safeguard national security.

Adhering to the Partys absolute leadership over the work of national security is the fundamental principle of doing a good job of national security and the fundamental guarantee of maintaining national security and social stability. We should establish and improve the responsibility system for national security work under the unified leadership of the Party committee, implement more effective leadership and coordination, and ensure that we are responsible for and responsible for keeping our territory.

3. Maintaining National Security in Key Areas

(145) Maintaining national security in key areas is the main position and battlefield. To implement the overall national security concept in an all-round way, we should focus on key points, grasp the outline and guide the project, take ensuring political security as the primary task, and comprehensively promote national security work in all key areas.

Maintaining political security. The core of political security is regime security and system security. The most fundamental thing is to maintain the leadership and ruling position of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. All kinds of hostile forces have never stopped carrying out westernization and differentiation strategy in our country, never stopped subversive and destructive activities against the leadership of the Communist Party of China and our socialist system, and always attempted to plan the color revolution in our country. We should adhere to the Partys leadership over all work, earnestly strengthen ideological work, continue to consolidate and strengthen the mainstream public opinion, strictly guard against and resolutely combat all kinds of infiltration and subversion activities. We should attach great importance to the ideological and political work of the younger generation, educate and guide the youth to consciously adhere to the leadership of the Party, listen to its words and follow its lead.

Maintaining homeland security. Homeland security is the foundation of a nation. We should enhance our ability to safeguard territorial security, strengthen the construction of frontier defense, coastal defense and air defense, firmly safeguard territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, effectively curb all kinds of plans and actions that infringe upon our national security, and build a solid iron wall of territorial security. We will resolutely oppose all activities aimed at separating the motherland, fight in-depth against the three forces of terrorism, separatism and extremism, resolutely guard against Tibetan independence and East Turkistan, resolutely defeat any form of Taiwan independence separatist plot, and fully safeguard the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao.

Maintain economic security. Economic security is the foundation of national security. To maintain economic security, we must first ensure the security of the basic economic system. It is necessary to ensure the safety of important industries and key areas that are vital to the lifeline of the national economy. We will improve the macro-prudential management of Finance and the mechanism for preventing and dealing with financial risks, guard against and defuse systemic and regional financial risks, and guard against and resist the impact of external financial risks. To ensure the sustainable, reliable and effective supply of resources and energy for economic and social development. To ensure national food security and keep the Chinese peoples jobs firmly in their hands. Strengthen the capacity building of independent innovation, accelerate the development of independent and controllable strategic high-tech and key core technologies in important areas, and ensure the safety of major technologies and projects.

Maintaining social security. Social security has the closest relationship with the vital interests of the people. It is the barometer of the peoples sense of security and the vane of social stability. With economic development and social progress, the people have higher expectations for a better life and higher standards for social security. We should actively prevent, reduce and resolve social contradictions and properly handle emergencies affecting national security such as public health and major disasters. We should deepen the special struggle against gangland and evil, insist on safeguarding legitimate rights and interests and cracking down on illegal and criminal activities both hard and fast.

Maintain network security. Network security has become one of the most complex, realistic and severe non-traditional security problems facing our country. Without network security, there would be no national security, no stable economic and social operation, and the interests of the broad masses of the people could not be guaranteed. We should strengthen the comprehensive management of the network, and form a joint force of network management from technology to content, from daily security to combating crime. Adhere to self-reliance and independent innovation, and accelerate the promotion of core technology breakthroughs in the field of information. Strengthen the network security protection of key information infrastructure, and constantly enhance the network security defense capability and deterrence capability. We will strengthen early warning and monitoring of network security, effectively safeguard national data security and effectively safeguard the sovereign security of national cyberspace.

Maintain external security. Peaceful and stable international environment and international order are important guarantees of national security. We should adhere to the new concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, actively shape the external security environment, strengthen cooperation in the field of security, and guide the international community to jointly safeguard international security. Effectively safeguard the security of Chinas overseas interests, protect the security and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens, organizations and institutions overseas, and strive to form a strong security system for overseas interests.

4. Enhancing the awareness of distress and guarding against risks and challenges

(146) Never forget danger, never forget death, and never forget disorder. The sense of suffering is an important spiritual characteristic of the Chinese nation. Our Party is a political party born in distress, growing up in distress and growing stronger than distress. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: Our Communist Party memberssense of anxiety is the sense of worrying about the Party, the country and the people. This is a responsibility, but also a responsibility.

Over the past 90 years, the achievements and progress made by the Communist Party of China have shocked the past and the present, and the difficulties and risks it has experienced are rare in the world. Among them, there are times of great danger, resolutely rising after setbacks, correcting chaos after mistakes, and perseverance in the face of hardships. They are full of both hardships and magic, and they have experienced both hardships and brilliance. Difficulties, risks, crises and twists are not terrible. The key lies in our Partys courage to face them all the time, not to be alarmed by changes, to overcome difficulties and to overcome dangers. It is the worries and burdens of generations of Chinese Communists that unite and lead the Chinese people from victory to new victory.

At present, China is in a period of promising historical opportunities. The overall development situation is good and the overall situation is stable. But the risks we face are also multifaceted, including external risks and internal risks, general risks and major risks. Major risks include not only domestic economic, political, ideological, social and natural risks, but also international economic, political and military risks. Especially, we should see that the linkage effect of various threats and challenges is obvious, and the sources and challenges of various contradictions and risks are intertwined and interacted with each other. If major risks occur and cannot be shouldered, national security may face major threats, and the process of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation may be delayed or forced to interrupt.

(147) General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: The road ahead cannot be smooth sailing. The brighter the prospects, the more we need to enhance our awareness of suffering, to think about dangers in safety, to fully understand and effectively respond to some major risks and challenges. Risk prevention must be placed in a prominent position, and efforts should be made to solve various contradictions and problems so as to avoid major risks or to be able to withstand and tolerate them when they occur.

A wise man prevents evil from germination, and a wise man seeks to harm the future. Predicting the location of risk is the precondition to prevent risk, and grasping the trend of risk is the key to seeking strategic initiative. Strategic forecasting and risk early warning should be strengthened. We should be aware of the risks and take precautions. We should strive to resolve the risks at the source and prevent the transmission, overlapping, evolution and upgrading of various risks. We should improve our ability to resolve risks, grasp the essence through complex phenomena, grasp the key points, find out the reasons, make decisive decisions, guide and organize the masses, integrate the forces of all parties, arrange troops scientifically and deal with them effectively. We should improve the risk prevention and control mechanism, establish and improve the risk research and judgment mechanism, decision-making risk assessment mechanism, risk prevention and control coordination mechanism, risk prevention and control responsibility mechanism, actively strengthen coordination and cooperation, and adhere to the first-level, first-level implementation.

It is the political duty of Party committees, governments and leading cadres at all levels to guard against and mitigate major risks. We should dare to shoulder and fight, do a good job in preventing and resolving major risks, never let small risks evolve into big ones, nor individual risks evolve into comprehensive ones, nor local risks evolve into regional or systemic ones, nor economic risks evolve into social and political risks, nor international risks evolve. For domestic risk.