General Secretary Xi Jinpings Concern about the Civil Life Medical Treatment for Diseases

 General Secretary Xi Jinpings Concern about the Civil Life Medical Treatment for Diseases

[Story 1] The 15-minute medical circle is convenient for the villagers to see a doctor

Winter cold, can not resist the heart of concern.

In December 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Shiye Town Health Center in Dantu District, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province to understand the development of rural medical and health services and the situation of villagersmedical treatment.

When it was cold, I shook hands with only one hand, the other in my pocket, but he held me in both hands, and I reached out the other hand as soon as possible.

Wei Dingyu, who was present at that time, felt not only the temperature of General Secretary Xi Jinpings palm: On that day, the General Secretary not only asked about his physical condition, but also cared about the convenience and inconvenience of seeing a doctor, the high cost of medical treatment, and his dissatisfaction with rural medical and health work.

Today, more than four years later, Wei Dingyu, 75, still comes to the hospital from time to time to take blood pressure measurements on self-help equipment, and keeps in mind the advice of the General Secretary.

It is the basic needs of the people and the general secretarys deep concern to have a doctor for illness.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the focus of medical and health work should be shifted down, medical and health resources should sink, the equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas should be promoted, and safe, effective, convenient and inexpensive public health and basic medical services should be provided to the masses, so as to truly solve the problem of difficult and expensive medical treatment for grassroots people.

Little by little efforts, step by step leap. In recent years, Shiyezhen Hospital of Health and Zhenjiang Rehabilitation Medical Group have jointly established five joint outpatient clinics, such as cardiovascular and diabetes, which are equipped with color Doppler ultrasound, automatic biochemical analyzer and other medical equipment in addition to routine departments.

Wei Dingyu also noticeably felt the change of the hospital: Although in the town, but also can receive treatment from municipal hospitals. Lao Wei had a pain in his knee before, and Zheng Wenhui, Vice President of the Health Hospital, made a film for him, which was immediately transmitted to the First Peoples Hospital of Zhenjiang City. More than a minute later, the doctors diagnosis had been returned: hyperosteogeny. From registration to filming, it only took me 5 minutes and cost me 12 yuan. I dare not think about it before!

The change of Zhenjiang Health Center reflects the firm step of Zhenjiang Medical Reform. Through long-distance consultation and graded diagnosis and treatment, grass-roots hospitals and local third-level hospitals have established a joint diagnosis and treatment mechanism, and people are increasingly enjoying the convenience and benefits of the 15-minute medical circle at their doorsteps.

Nowadays, the outpatient visiting rate of residents in Shiye Town has increased from 63% before 2015 to 81.6% in 2018.

Whether the health centers at the door are well built or not is directly related to the health of the masses.

Shiye Town, a small island in the vast Yangtze River. In the past, about 14,000 people in the town were afraid of both illness and traffic.

After General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Shiye Town Health Center in December 2014, the health dividend that this township health center brings to the residents is gradually released, and no small illness on the island is becoming a reality.

[Story 2] Health Poverty Alleviation and Elimination of Poverty Barrier Tigers

Road obstruction, poverty and illness bind the villagers here tightly.

In this barren land, Zhaojiawa Villages Wang Sannus family had a very difficult life.

When they were young, Wang Sannu suffered from rheumatic heart disease and hypertension, which in recent years led to chronic bronchitis. To make matters worse, in the past few years, her husband and son died one after another, and her daughter-in-law left home. Her disabled grandchildren and granddaughters were pulled by her alone.

On the afternoon of June 21, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping went into the home of the poor family, comforted the three daughters and urged local cadres to arrange special education for their grandchildren and granddaughters. This warmth is remembered by Wang Sannu.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the importance of solving the problem of poverty caused by illness and returning to poverty due to illness.

After the investigation in Dalan County, General Secretary Xi Jinping also hosted a symposium on poverty alleviation and fortification in deep poverty-stricken areas in Taiyuan, calling for greater medical assistance, temporary assistance and charitable assistance to the people who are poor due to illness.

Nowadays, with the whole village moving, Wang Sannu moved into the new building from the adobe house, and family doctors often came to the door to deliver medicine. Last year, Wang Sannu was hospitalized twice. The total cost was 8914.3 yuan, and she only spent 525.77 yuan.

Cheng Fusheng, director of the Medical Security Bureau of Dalan County, said that in the past two years, we have fulfilled the request put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection. In the first half of this year, 3967 poor people were hospitalized with a total cost of 26.1324 million yuan. After reimbursement through three insurance and three relief, the proportion of poor householdsreimbursement exceeds 90%.

By the end of 2018, the three women in Wangs family had successfully lifted themselves out of poverty. Nearly 70 years old, she sincerely sighed, Catching up with the good times is our greatest blessing.

[Journalists Notes

The widespread smoothness is a true portrayal of farmersfear of illness and incapacity to fall ill.

Where there are difficulties, there are concerns.

Under the cordial care of the Party Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, 6.7 million poor families have returned to poverty due to illness to achieve poverty alleviation, and the number of major diseases for the rural poor has increased to 25.

In the next two years, China will make up for the shortcomings of the medical security policy precisely, so that more three women can get out of the poverty caused by illness and return to poverty.

[Story 3] Keep the Bottom Line of Drug Safety for the People

Safe, Reliable and Reliable - Four years ago, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Yanji Co., Ltd., Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Group, to put forward such requirements for drug production.

Over the past four years, General Secretary Xi Jinpings entrustment has become a motto in every one of us, and we will never forget it. You Haitao, deputy general manager of the companys production, said.

Its a dogs day. You Haitao is also wearing a neat suit of work clothes.

After serving as deputy general manager in charge of production, you Haitao became more aware of the peoples livelihood concerns behind a small pill: A small pill is an enterprises responsibility for drug safety, effectiveness and innovation. It carries a life-threatening burden and also determines the life and death of the enterprise.

Drug safety is more important than Mount Tai... Every pharmaceutical enterprise must conscientiously fulfill its social responsibility to ensure that every drug and every drug is safe, reliable and reassuring. Standing in the workshop where General Secretary Xi Jinping visited during his inspection, you Haitao repeated the important speech of General Secretary verbatim.

From the whole process of cold chain transportation of animal organs, real-time temperature recording, to the design and construction of domestic advanced level freeze-dried powder needle production workshop, automatic detection machine to realize vacuum sealing bottle-by-bottle inspection of products, and then to each aseptic production line every six months for a culture medium simulation filling test...

Keep the quality of medicines firmly in check. You Haitao said, If you want the development of enterprises always on the road, the quality and safety of drugs must always be on the road.

[Journalists Notes

Drug safety, life is at stake.

The convenience of new drugs and good medicines is the urgent hope of millions of patients.

Zero tariff on anticancer drugs, speeding up the approval of new drugs, and establishing a whole-process traceability system... In recent years, the relevant departments of the state have played a combination boxing, devoting themselves to safe, reliable and assured into the whole process of drug production, marketing and use. With the gradual release of policy dividends, more patients will use reassurance drugs and cheap drugs. (Reporters: Chen Cong, Qiu Bingqing, Liang Xiaofei, Jin Jinxiu, Yue Ranran)