The Hong Kong and Macao Office and the Liaison Office in Hong Kong co-sponsored a symposium on the situation in Hong Kong.

 The Hong Kong and Macao Office and the Liaison Office in Hong Kong co-sponsored a symposium on the situation in Hong Kong.

Zhang Xiaoming pointed out that although there are various public opinions and demands in the current society, the greatest public opinion in Hong Kong is to seek stability and tranquility and to restore normal social order as soon as possible. Hong Kong cant mess up any more! This is the common aspiration of the general public of Hong Kong, including the silent majority. The HKSAR government has not completely failed to respond to the five demands put forward by the opposition. If the situation in Hong Kong is to turn around, we cannot rely on compromise with the opposition, nor should we expect the Central Committee to compromise on matters of principle. It depends on the central governments unswerving adherence to the principle of one country, two systems and its unswerving support for Chief Executive Lin Zheng YueE; the strict enforcement of law and fair administration of justice by the SAR police force and law enforcement judicial organs; the unity and resolute struggle of the patriotic and patriotic camp; and the active action of the Hong Kong people to dare to say no to violence. The act of trampling on the rule of law says no, pressures evil with positive force.

Zhang Xiaoming hopes that the patriotic and patriotic forces will play a central role in maintaining Hong Kongs prosperity and stability. All along, the patriotic and patriotic camp has been the basic force to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests and maintain Hong Kongs prosperity and stability. In this storm of revision, patriotic and patriotic forces stepped forward fearlessly and in various ways to the forefront of the struggle. They are the backbone of maintaining the rule of law, opposing violence and restoring social stability. The Central Committee highly appreciates everyones performance. At present, the situation in Hong Kong has reached a critical moment, and each of us faces an important choice: to defend one country, two systems or to connive at the destruction of one country, two systems by some people; to protect Hong Kong, or to watch Hong Kong sink; to hold high the banner of the rule of law and justice, or to yield to violence and evil. I hope you will put aside all personal interests and grievances, take into account the overall situation, unite and look forward, guard Hong Kong with conscience, integrity and action, and gather our strength into a powerful positive energy to safeguard national sovereignty, security, unity and Hong Kongs prosperity and stability, which includes more than 7 million people, in order to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. All Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots, have made unremitting efforts to achieve their common goals.

In his speech, Wang Zhimin pointed out that the central spirit of Director Zhang Xiaomings briefing is precisely the authoritative voice that we have been expecting to hear for some time. At the critical moment of the struggle, the important spirit of the Central Committee has greatly strengthened the confidence of the patriotic and patriotic Hong Kong camp, boosted everyones morale, and pointed out the direction for us to continue to firmly unite and protect Hong Kong and promote the situation in Hong Kong from chaos to governance.

Wang Zhimin pointed out that in the past few months, in the face of the rapidly changing situation in Hong Kong, the patriotic Hong Kong camp has always been united and maintained a neat battle formation, withstood pressure and overcome difficulties with a firm fighting spirit and will, and carried out a lot of fruitful work. We will actively support and participate in a series of positive energy activities to safeguard Hong Kong; actively voice our voice and firmly release the strongest voice of protecting the rule of law and fighting violence; and make suggestions and suggestions to support Chief Executive Lin Zheng Yue-e and the regional government in their administration according to law. These efforts have spread the voice of justice, promoted the integrity of society, aroused more citizens and gathered the positive energy of patriotism and patriotism in Hong Kong. The Central Committee fully affirms and highly praises this.

Wang Zhimin pointed out that when General Secretary Xi Jinping met with representatives from all walks of life in Hong Kong in 2017, he talked about four leaders, which not only respected and affirmed everyones abilities, but also gave you a mandate and a promise. Although the current situation in Hong Kong is grim, complex and even dangerous, we firmly believe that more and more people will take the lead in supporting the SAR Government and the police to uphold the rule of law at a time when street violence in Hong Kong is escalating and black terror is spreading. More and more people will take the lead in breaking the terrible silence of ten thousand horses gathering together and giving the first voice of justice; while some people are still choosing to hesitate, watch, complain and even speculate, more and more people will take the lead in taking action to create favorable opportunities and conditions for the improvement of the situation as far as they can. I believe you will take the lead in bringing back to Hong Kong the central spirit conveyed by Director Zhang Xiaoming to create greater space and cohesion for the Hong Kong society to work together to solve problems; we will work with the regional government and the police to stop riots, stabilize the situation in Hong Kong and work together to promote the one country, two systems in Hong Kong. Steady and far-reaching practice. (End)