Civil Aviation Administration issued a major aviation safety risk warning to Cathay Pacific Airlines of Hong Kong

 Civil Aviation Administration issued a major aviation safety risk warning to Cathay Pacific Airlines of Hong Kong

On August 9, the Civil Aviation Administration issued a major aviation safety risk warning to Cathay Pacific Airlines of Hong Kong in response to the safety risks and hidden dangers exposed in recent incidents.

Recently, Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong has suffered a series of incidents, such as pilotsinvolvement in violent assault charged with insurrection but not stopped flying activities, and malicious leaks of flight passenger information. These incidents have seriously threatened aviation safety, caused adverse social impact, and increased the risk of imported aviation safety from Hong Kong to the mainland. In line with the principle of zero tolerance for potential safety hazards, in order to maintain air transport order, effectively protect passenger safety, and prevent damage to third parties in the air, ground and surface caused by aviation activities, the Civil Aviation Administration, in its warning of safety risks, clearly put forward three requirements for Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong:

Firstly, from 0:00 on August 10, 2019, all those who participated in and supported illegal demonstrations, violent shocks and acts of excess will immediately stop flying inland flights or performing all official activities related to air transport activities in the mainland.

Secondly, from 10:00 on August 11, 2019, all crew members flying to and over the Mainland airspace will be submitted to the qualified authority for operation in the Mainland, and the flight will not be accepted without examination and approval.

Thirdly, by 0:00 on August 15, 2019, the company will submit to its qualified certification authority for operation in the Mainland measures to strengthen internal control and enhance flight safety and security level.

Next, the Civil Aviation Administration will supervise and handle the above warning requirements in accordance with the law and regulations, depending on the implementation of Cathay Pacific Airlineswarning requirements. On the same day, the Civil Aviation Administration instructed the Central South Regional Administration of Civil Aviation to make an administrative appointment with Cathay Pacific Airlines of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong captain who participated in the riot can still fly to the public to protest: Dont rest assured

Overseas Network, August 2 - Liao Songxian, a deputy pilot of Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong, was charged with rioting in Shanghuan on July 28. Yesterday (1) Titan was released on bail and could continue to fly, causing public outcry in Hong Kong. Several loyal Cathay Pacific customers questioned the presidents radical ideas and violence, which threatened passengerssafety, saying they were not confident that their lives would be entrusted to a captain accused of rioting.

Cathay Pacific listed Taiwan and Hong Kong in the national position in four counts of crimes

Recently, rioters in Hong Kong incited strikes, maliciously attacked police, injured innocent people and disturbed society, causing public anger. In a series of incidents, an airline company took the lead. First, more than 3,000 employees participated in the strike, then some employees leaked flight information of the Hong Kong police, and also indulged the Deputy captain of the charged riot crime to fly. Now, the airborne entertainment system openly recognized Taiwan Independence and Hong Kong Independence, and netizens directly shouted, Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Airlines, come out. Explain it.