Hong Kong citizens were beaten by thugs on the street and fractured. They raced 1 kilometre to pursue the murderer.

 Hong Kong citizens were beaten by thugs on the street and fractured. They raced 1 kilometre to pursue the murderer.

Overseas Network, Aug. 9, Hong Kong violence continued to ferment, rioters arson, raids on police, wanton smashing, all kinds of acts let ordinary people in the streets also suffered. Recently, an enthusiastic Hong Kong citizen, Mr. Lee, called the police to stop the riotersmisfortune in Hong Kong, but unfortunately suffered a poisonous hand, resulting in finger fracture and thumb displacement.

According to Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao, on August 7, 34-year-old renovation worker Li Weibang, together with two others, damaged the outer wall near the bell tower of Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Center and sprayed it with spray paint. Mr. Lee, a Hong Kong citizen who happened to pass by, witnessed all this and immediately called the police. At that time, the mob was carrying a bag with a spray paint can. He immediately attacked Mr. Li with a bag and a can, and broke his hand. The mob fled the scene. Mr. Li, fearless of the mob, chased the injured for a kilometer, and eventually helped the police to arrest him. Mr. Li was sent to the doctor for examination. The doctor confirmed that his right index finger was fractured and his thumb was displaced. Fortunately, after a day of treatment, Mr. Li can be discharged from the hospital, but it will take some time for his right hand to exert itself, and he still needs physical therapy after recovery.

The doctor confirmed the fracture of the right index finger and the displacement of the thumb.

On the 8th, three rioters were brought to court in the Kowloon City Magistrates Court. According to the prosecution, Li Weibang damaged the outer wall of the Bell Tower of Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Center on August 7, 2019, maliciously causing serious harm to Li Mous body, suspected of criminal damage and serious injury to other peoples body; while the defense requested that the case be adjourned and approved by the court. The defendant was also granted bail, but he was not allowed to leave Hong Kong during the bail period. He had to report to the police once a week.

In an interview with reporters, Mr. Lee said, Although the injury affected personal habits, but saw the mobs evil deeds, as Hong Kong people, absolutely must stand up, even if the injury also feel regretless. He expressed the hope that peace would be restored in Hong Kong as soon as possible. He believed that all the people who loved Hong Kong hoped that society would be stable, peaceful and orderly, and that Hong Kong would return to normal.

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