14-year-old daughter reported to the police that her father had stolen guns: he used to frighten me with guns

 14-year-old daughter reported to the police that her father had stolen guns: he used to frighten me with guns

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14-year-old daughter reported to the police that her father had stolen firearms: he used to frighten me with guns and was afraid (Source:)

Recently, Xiao Hui, a 14-year-old girl in Leshan, Sichuan, reported her father to the police station, saying that he had hidden an air gun and a lot of ammunition at home. When she was disciplined, she not only often scolded, but also frightened herself with an air gun.

On August 8, the police of Maoqiao Police Station of Leshan Central Public Security Bureau introduced to the Red Star News reporter that on August 1, Xiao Hui called the police of the police station to report that she said her father had stored air guns and ammunition at home. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately joined Maoqiao Town government staff to Xiaohuis home.

_Xiao Huis father voluntarily surrendered his air gun and ammunition.

When the police arrived at Xiaohuis home, their parents were not at home. After staff contacts, Xiao Huis father quickly returned home. At that time, we popularized the law and persuaded him to surrender guns and ammunition on his own initiative. Wang Qiang, deputy director of Maoqiao Police Station, said that according to the relevant regulations, the public security organs could not deal with the voluntary surrender of firearms.

However, further communication between the police found that Xiao Hui reported his fathers private possession of firearms, on the one hand, the legal awareness has increased, on the other hand, there are other reasons.

Xiao Hui told the police that her father had a strange temper. Sometimes she made some minor mistakes. Every time, her father was very excited. He wanted to scold her. Sometimes he even frightened her with an air gun, so she reported him.

_The police communicate and persuade Xiao Huihes parents

In this regard, Xiaohuis mother said that her daughter used to achieve excellent results, but later because of the poor performance of playfulness and disobedience, both father and daughter are acute sons, often quarrel at a disagreement. As parents, they must discipline their daughters strictly. The father only frightened her with an air gun, and wanted to educate her well.

Police said Xiao Hui was right to report her fathers possession of guns and ammunition, but on the issue of family education, she should be more understanding and understanding of the parentssincerity; as parents, children should also feel valued and respected, so that both sides can open their hearts and communicate to solve the problem. Eventually, both father and daughter realized their mistakes, and Xiao Hui also said that they would study hard in the future.

According to the Beijing News, on August 9, a reporter from the Maoqiao Police Station in Leshan City Central District learned that Huang Lins father was too strict in discipline, which caused her daughters dissatisfaction. The gun involved is a simulation gun, which has been taken away by the police.

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