The leader of the ruling party of Korea was exposed to hold a meeting in the morning to approve Japanese patronage at noon.

 The leader of the ruling party of Korea was exposed to hold a meeting in the morning to approve Japanese patronage at noon.

Overseas Network, Aug. 9, recently, Korean media reported that the Japanese government decided to clear South Korea from the white list of trade facilitation on the morning of the 2nd. As a result, Lee Haijuan, the head of the ruling Common Democratic Party of Korea, visited a Japanese food store at noon and drank Japanese sake with two or three men.

THEFACT, a Japanese grocery store visited by Li Haizan on the 2nd day

As soon as the news came out, Korean public opinion immediately exploded the pot. South Koreas ruling and opposition parties fought for several days. Korean media Chosun Daily said on the 9th that, affected by this, many civil servants have taken the initiative to avoid Japanese restaurants for fear of being labeled pro-Japanese.

After lunch on the 2nd, Li Haizan attended a conference condemning Japans economic aggression (THEFACT).

According to the exclusive report of the Korean online media THEFACT on the 3rd, on the morning of August 2nd, after Japan kicked Korea out of the white list, Li Haizan urgently convened an intra-party meeting to severely condemn the Japanese government for nobody in the eyes, saying it was unbearable.

Li even mentioned the abolition of the Korea-Japan Military Intelligence Protection Agreement. He said, Northeast Asia has lost mutual trust. Is this agreement meaningful?

Invoice with Li Haichens name (THEFACT)

However, only an hour later, Li Haizan appeared at the Nikkei store and ordered eels and Japanese sake. The media also printed out restaurant invoices with Li Haichens name.

After lunch, Li returned to Parliament to attend a meeting condemning Japans white list incident. He criticized the Japanese governments initiative as economic aggression and called for meeting the war with tragedy.

Korean people spontaneously boycotted Japanese goods (THEFACT)

Reported that although the Japanese restaurant is operated by Koreans, the ingredients are also Korean products, but now is Japans introduction of economic retaliation measures, the Korean people are angry at the crossroads. Moreover, Wen also stressed that strict response to Japanese restrictions and called for national unity, in this case, as the leader of the ruling party, Li Haichen to eat Japanese food, is not two-sided?

The incident caused considerable controversy. South Koreas largest opposition party, the Liberal Korean Party, accused Lee of improper practices when he went to Japanese grocery stores immediately after being kicked out of the white list by Japan. A spokesman for the party called Li Haichen a ridiculous comedy in which he only spoke against Japan. Many Korean netizens also expressed their dissatisfaction. Some accused him of betraying the country and double bidding, while others expressed chills.

The Liberal Korean Partys whip Luo Qingyuan (Korea Associated Press)

In the face of the storm, the ruling Common Democratic Party of Korea responded that the lunch schedule was set ahead of schedule. Whats more, Li Haijuan drinks Korean sake. To boycott Japanese goods, we think that we should not travel to Japan or buy Japanese goods, rather than boycott Korean domestic materials.

Xu Zaixian, deputy spokesman of the party, also said that due to Japans economic aggression, Korean nationals are experiencing a difficult situation, especially the owners of Japanese grocery stores. According to the logic of the opposition party, only the people who open Japanese food stores will be shut down.

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