A woman at Hong Kong Airport pulls out the American flag in the hands of a demonstrator: Im tired of it.

 A woman at Hong Kong Airport pulls out the American flag in the hands of a demonstrator: Im tired of it.

Hong Kong opposition demonstrators today (9) launched the so-called 10,000 people pick up rally. According to a report and video released by Hong Kongs Star Island Daily on September 9, a woman suspected of dissatisfaction waved the American flag at the arrival lobby of Hong Kong International Airport this afternoon, trying to grab the flag from the demonstrators by herself and arguing with them. Airport security officers and AA staff immediately came forward to stop the conflict, and the woman was escorted away by airport security officers.

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Just now, some enthusiastic netizens provided an audio conversation between the flag-winning women and others to Global Network reporters. In the audio, the flag-winning woman said she was from Hong Kong and came to the airport to meet her friends. As for why the demonstrators snatched the flag, the woman said, I cant see him holding the American flag to show off. Every time the man came out with the flag, I couldnt see the flag. Just when it came today, I threw it away.

The flag-winning woman then said that the opposition demonstrators were supported by political parties and instructed them (the demonstrators) how to do it. Referring to previous violent demonstrators throwing things at police, she said, Those are trained by specialists. Do you think students have that force? Do you have that strength? Students dont have the ability to do that. The woman complained that 90% of our local people in Hong Kong support violence as long as they express their demands peacefully, but the demonstrators are now exaggerating the violence.

According to Hong Kong Eastern Network, seven Hong Kong Civil Aviation EmployeesFederation, Hong Kong Aviation Industry Federation and other Hong Kong Civil Aviation Systems Trade Unions issued a statement today expressing their strong opposition to the airport demonstrations in response to the rally of opposition demonstrators. The statement said that the rally was a threat to the government by making a bet on the airport and harming Hong Kongs international image and workerslivelihoods. The union demanded an immediate halt. The statement also said that it was understood that the opposition demonstrators did not apply to the police for this action, which was clearly illegal. The statement pointed directly to the practice of airport assembly harmful to others and unfavorable to oneself, and appealed to the public not to participate.

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