Mainland police reply to Hong Kong colleagues: no clothes and son-in-law

 Mainland police reply to Hong Kong colleagues: no clothes and son-in-law

Chang An-jun: At the opening ceremony of the World Police Conference yesterday, the Hong Kong police came in and won the warmest cheers of the audience. Today, a thank-you letter from the Hong Kong police broke the circle of friends.

Brothers of the Mainland Police:

When our Hong Kong police brothers watched these videos, we were really moved to cry! Hong Kong Police Force has mainland colleagues! 1.3 billion people are supporting us! We are not alone! This gives us immense strength!

On behalf of our Hong Kong police, please thank all the police brothers in the Mainland for supporting us! Thank you!

A Hong Kong Police Officer

Upon receipt of the letter, a Mainland policeman sent a reply to the Hong Kong police through the Wechat Public No. Changan Sword of the Central Political and Legal Commission.u2014u2014

Police colleagues in Hong Kong:

Hello, I am a Mainland policeman. I want to say to all my colleagues: Thank you!

Thank you for guarding Hong Kong in China! You have fulfilled your duties as police officers! Be worthy of your oath!

As a police officer, I have always been concerned about the recent violence in Hong Kong, especially the situation of my colleagues in Hong Kong.

You have been working overtime for a long time under very difficult circumstances, and you still stick to your posts in the face of heat, hunger and fatigue. We understand your efforts. In particular, a small number of radical demonstrators targeted you, using tools ranging from bricks and iron sticks to deadly weapons such as smoke bombs, petrol bombs, bows and arrows, and even publicly advocating the use of lethal means to attack you on the Internet, I and my comrades in arms felt particularly distressed.

Street mob raids police, network mob human flesh police, and even threatens to intimidate your family... What is the reason for all this viciousness?

Because you are the pillars of maintaining public order in Hong Kong; because you are the biggest obstacle for people with ulterior motives to achieve their goals; because you are upholding the law and preventing Hong Kong from being dragged into the abyss of sinking by them!

I am most moved by the Hong Kong Police Force: unity, perseverance and loyalty!

On the internet, on television and in newspapers, we saw the white-shirted Sheriff rushing into the mob to rescue his lonely colleagues; we saw the Hong Kong police who were trapped in the siege still maintain their tactical positions, but were not afraid to face the mob. But even at such a time of danger, the whole police force has maintained the greatest rationality and restraint, and good discipline, which reminds me of the famous words of national hero Lin Zexu for thousands of years:

In line with the conviction that I will do whatever it takes to serve my country even at the cost of my own life,regardless of fortune or misfortune to myself.

You are the last barrier to protect Hong Kong!

You are the city light that lights up the Pearl of the East!

I firmly believe that with you, Hong Kong will sweep away the haze and glow with new charm!

The same is the police, I deeply understand that wearing this uniform, we need to be conscientious and abide by the law and tranquility, otherwise, the whole society will fall into disorder. This is a point that any rational person can clearly understand, but there is a group of people, with the support and encouragement of individual countries and groups, in troubled ports, creating unrest!

Does it mean having no clothes and wearing the same robe as your son? The Hong Kong police are Chinese police. Please remember that, in any case, the mainlands colleagues will always be in touch with you. Behind you stand a billion Chinese! Behind you, stand a stronger China!

Finally, may every time you come back safely.

This salute!

A Mainland Police Officer

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