Interception of a Confidential Document Netease Superpower Tactical Competitive Tour Quantum Special Attack First File Aug. 16

 Interception of a Confidential Document Netease Superpower Tactical Competitive Tour Quantum Special Attack First File Aug. 16

Fly down, roll up close, attack the enemy unprepared for a deadly blow

With the help of hand-held airmen, roamers can freely use these super-powered warfare techniques, call on various quantum creations, and achieve rich and varied super-powered tactics! After the fierce battle, call out the therapeutic equipment to restore and prepare for another battle; after his teammates accidentally seriously injured, call out the first aid equipment to bring him a second life; camouflage as a tree, ambush the enemy to and fro; open optical camouflage, hide body shape across the battlefield, cooperate with the teammates to attack the enemy! Twenty-one kinds of super-powered combat skills can be freely combined and matched to open a full-scene three-dimensional competitive battlefield!

Superpowered special action, where I can see is my territory

Super combat skills all-round confrontation, super tactical action also provides roamers with more choices: rolling climbing, jumping and gliding, rolling and rolling on the battlefield, more intense tactical competitive confrontation!

With the help of super-power tactics and rocket launching and other super-power tactics, roamers can go anywhere on the battlefield at will! On the huge battlefield of 36 square kilometers, the cliff that soars into the clouds can climb up, and the cherry blossom forest with beautiful scenery can hide in it and complete ambush! Every cliff is a battlefield of confrontation, and every corner may encounter a fatal crisis! Careful and cautious, step by step, in order to become the final winner in this all-round battlefield without dead ends!

Super Weapon, New Tactics and Enjoyment of Sharpshooting

Super combat skills and tactical actions bring extraordinary skills to roamers, so that each roamer can incarnate as a super agent and launch the most intense competitive confrontation. Whether its a frontal encounter or an ambush attack, its not enough just to have extraordinary skills. Its equally important for roamers to be able to deal with guns and weapons in different situations. Quantum Special Attack has five series of submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper guns, handguns and heavy weapons ready for roamers to choose the best weapons!

Super-powered firearms are rich and varied, each of which has different effects.

Each of these guns can carry an enhanced core full of sci-fi style, which opens up many different super-energy effects, so that they can play a more powerful role in different situations! For example, the empty coffin sniper gun, the handgun Nightingale which can call on the energy shield to cover oneself and teammates, the Son of the Sky assault rifle, the waltz and Freedom Pioneer which greatly increase the damage to vehicles and quantum creations, etc., are fully understood and fully understood. Only by mastering the characteristics of these weapons can we choose the most suitable weapons in the fierce battle and overcome the enemy!

In addition, the addition of absolute zero, fireball and Destroyer gave wanderers the strong support to reverse the war situation and fight back by the Jedi. Whether its harvesting calmly after freezing the enemy, shelling the enemy back by grenade bombing, or tracking missiles to pursue automatically, choosing the right time to use these heavy weapons will yield unexpected results!

Fireball bombing, science fiction is no more powerful

Nitrogen Pulse Wind Switch for Overrunning Off-road Speedboat

With good weapons and extraordinary tactics, a beloved vehicle is also essential: How can a 36-square-kilometer maps of Quantum Attack match the status of a super agent by running on both feet? Rolling all terrain, climbing all-powerful off-road vehicles; streamlined shape, speed beyond imagination sports car; ice-blue and cold light scattered, climbing mountains and leveling high-tech locomotives; chopping waves, dominating the water surface of the cool fast boat, driving vehicles to shuttle the battlefield, enjoy different speed and passion!

Driving Vehicles and Enjoying Speed and Passion on the Battlefield

Black Science and Technology Knead Face, Superpower Shape Free Building

Quantum Special Attack super competitive battlefield, not only combat skills, guns, vehicles super-energy, even the shape of agents is also super-energy: All-Free black technology kneading system, so that every roamer can freely create a unique super-agent shape!

Facial muscles, bones, roamers can start from cheeks, eyebrows, eyes, nose bridge, lips, chin and other parts, through the scroll bar fine adjustment of their size, location, plumpness and so on, whether it is to pinch out their favorite super-energy role, or the original creation of a large hole in the brain can be determined by heart! Rich makeup also provides the basis for wanderers to create their desired roles: Eating makeup, smoking makeup in all kinds, Gothic wind, Lo makeup, free choice of any style!

Beautiful and sexy imperial sister, charming and lovely girl, strong and resolute tough man, handy young man... With the black technology facial kneading system, any super role can be kneaded out through the adjustment of the roamer, active in this battlefield!

Climb up, circle back and surprise to complete the encroachment

On August 16, the battlefield of super-power tactical competition of Quantum Special Attack will be opened. Rovers, get ready for an unprecedented tactical competition and a super-powered all-round battle without dead ends.

On Quantum Attack:

Netease Superpower Tactical Competitive Masterpiece Quantum Attack, let players incarnate as future fighters! With 21 kinds of survival fighting skills, it has new super-powered tactical actions such as climbing, overturning, gliding, rolling, etc. The super map can be seen. It can comprehensively enhance the exploration and survival experience, and open a new era of three-dimensional and unbounded combat. Innovative firearms and sci-fi hot-blooded guns; free face shaping and rich appearance matching to create a favorite role; from reality to the future, land and water vehicles are dazzling, enjoy unprecedented speed and passion!

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