2019 China Joy: The Creative Interview of Disaster Relief wants to tell a story about ordinary heroes

 2019 China Joy: The Creative Interview of Disaster Relief wants to tell a story about ordinary heroes

Two producers took a photo together. The left little brothers eyes were shot by slag technology.

Q: Hello, producers, because this work is a work that pays attention to the plot, how will it end?

A: Yes, its a multi-outcome game. Different choices can also affect the final outcome.

Q: Rescue is actually a professional thing. Are you ready for it?

A: We have special consultants for reference, and some friends in the rescue team can help me understand the situation. At the same time, we usually hear some familiar stories in Sichuan.

Q: Do you have any specific time for the background prototype of the game?

A: Yes, and a lot of them. Well put together a complete story from the stories weve referred to. But in view of the possible trauma to the people weve experienced, well make some changes.

Q: So the game is suspense? What are you going to do to attract players to continue the game?

A: As long as the suspense element appears in the preface of the game, it is easier to arouse the curiosity of the players than the suspense attribute. Players come to a strange place. We know nothing about it and meet the local people full of mysteries, so the whole process has a continuous attraction for the players.

Q: Looking at the background of the game, do you want to focus on Oriental culture?

A: The background of the game is based on the realistic Oriental culture, but we have actually made a complete overhead world outlook. We have set up a very rich role, they have their own personality, experience, players can experience a lot of emotional things here. The game refers to a lot of cinematic narrative techniques, including weather changes and character mood fluctuations, role language, environmental color and so on.

A: Yes, but its mild. The battle will be dramatic. The focus of the game is still on the dilemma of the plot industry.

Q: I experienced a conflicting scene in the trial. Can you introduce the villains of the game?

A: There are villains in the game, but not the stereotyped opposites in things. What he does is just to protect his family, and because we are not familiar with his language, there are misunderstandings. Of course, in the game, we will let players feel different aspects of different roles, and then let everyone choose from different angles when facing the separation of life and death.

Q: There is a QTE link in a trial crisis, but it seems that the judgment is more relaxed? Lack of tension.

A: This will be upgraded in the future development, and it will certainly increase the tension of players.

Q: Do you use motion capture and face capture?

A: Yes, there is a mobile room in the company. Play and plot are half of the game, so we will adjust the rhythm in the game. Character faces are mainly hand-carved, so??? I hope you will forgive me.

Q: When it comes to disaster theme games, we first think of Japans Absolute Series. There are many popular science links in this game, such as teaching people how to save themselves. Will Disaster Relief also have this content?

Q: You said that the game borrowed from the movie technique. In fact, in recent years, there have been many rescue movies, and most of them are relatively burning. When watching, maybe they cant help crying, and in this respect...

A: (The guest was very excited to take the conversation) Of course there will be. In fact, the emotional rhythm of the game is always fluctuating, sometimes exciting, sometimes depressed, sometimes touched, sometimes angry, always twists and turns to affect the hearts of players. The plot splitting of the game is like a movie. We transfer the inheritance of the normal two-hour movie to the splitting, and then fill in, temper and finally make the game.

Q: Ask a question about spoilers. Now many anchors will have live broadcasts. Can fans experience novelty in real games after watching them?

Q: What kind of role do you think live video plays in this kind of scenario?

A: The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. There are many endings in the game. The host may not be able to play them. Moreover, the choice of the host may not be in line with the audiences decision. When the audience is interested in the plot and because the choice of others is different from their own inner thoughts, they will probably want to try it out for themselves.

Q: Recently, some interactive videos have become popular on various websites. Have you considered dabbling?

Q: Can you introduce your team?

A: Our team has participated in the development of 3A games in Chengdu before the core members. Maybe the number of people seems not small, in fact, the development of the game involves all aspects, from the beginning of the script step by step is more complex, and sometimes even make us feel like a film and television company (laughter).

Q: Will there be a fast-forward feature that allows us to skip some repetitive plots?

A: We want to discuss this with the players, or to open this function for the players after several customs clearances. We also need to ensure the consistency of the players.

Q: As a narrative-oriented game, there must be a lot of effort in scripting. Do you have a special scriptwriter team?

A: Of course, we have our own editorial team. At the same time, some experienced friends will give us their opinions and suggestions, but his name can not be disclosed for the time being.

Q: When will the next promotional film come out?

A: Well wait until our next announcement. Were still thinking about some more interesting innovations. Well surprise you next time!

Q: Why would you think of playing games with disaster as the theme?

A: Maybe because we are from Sichuan, we have experienced some disasters, some friends have gone in the disaster, some fathers have guarded the frontier for more than ten years??????????? We want to eulogize the ordinary heroes in the disaster, and convey those unknown stories to more people.

Iron Man saved the world, so we worshipped him and celebrated him; what if it only saved a village? The story of an ordinary man saving others. We want to make such a story, and then when our children play the game, they will experience a feeling of being a hero, which is our original intention.

Q: Your subject matter is actually very positive. Did you ever think about the last edition number when you made it?

A: I didnt think about it when I first started the project. I would like to express some of our inner thoughts. Of course, if we want to sell it in different areas in the future, we will make some changes according to the requirements of different regions. We respect the grading system of different regions. This part of the changes will certainly not affect the players. Experience or the core of the work.

Q: The theme of the game is life and death. In fact, this is a very grand concept. Everyone has different ideas about it. Do you want to discuss this or output the ideas of several producers?

A: We certainly wont play a didactic game. We guide the players to think actively and keep stirring the playersheartstrings. We will give the players the right to think until we get there.

Q: Heres a question that might be a little offensive. When I watched the video games just now, I thought that the current dubbing of the game was a bit of a play, and it would be a bit embarrassing, and it could not reach the level of emotional rendering.

A: Its certainly not offensive. Thank you for your advice. Later will do optimization, we also feel that there is still a lot of room for improvement, you can consider adding a local accent to ease down and so on.

Q: Facial expressions are more important to this game than facial models. Some of the links in the video will cause horror Valley reaction, which can also be solved.

A: Yes, we will solve this problem. The formal version of the experience will be greatly improved. The video is not natural, maybe because the preparation time is too short. Please look forward to the effect of the finished product.

After finishing the last question, we took a group photo with the producer. There may still be a lot of surprises about the background, plot and more ways of playing the game, waiting for the producers to reveal slowly. Lets wait for the next appearance of Disaster Relief.