Team history is the most expensive quotation! Zhang Kangyang sent Kong Ti 70 million Meetings to target Zhecho

 Team history is the most expensive quotation! Zhang Kangyang sent Kong Ti 70 million Meetings to target Zhecho

Italian media have two opinions about Inters cost of winning Lukaku: one is headed by La Gazzetta dello Sport, which considers it 6500 + 1000 + 5% (65 million must be paid, 10 million floating, 5% of the second transfer share). One is headed by SkyStation, which considers it 6500 + 1300 + 5% (65 million must pay, 13 million floating, 5% of the second transfer share).

But no matter the part of money is 75 million or 78 million, Lukaku is definitely the most expensive quotation in the history of Inter. Zhang Kangyang takes it as a gift for Konti to meet. Inters young owners also prove that even after Lukaku, Inters hard power still ranks behind Juve, but its one thing not to fight, dare not stand up. Its another thing to come out and fight.

Lukakus transfer soap opera, which lasted for more than a month, involved Inter, Manchester United, Juventus and other big clubs, including Ikardi, Lukaku, Dibala and many other players. Although Lukaku is not the king of this summer, it can be said that this is a rare, tortuous and complex turn in the ball Market for many years. Drama. Italian media commentary pointed out that the play also revealed two changes of Inter Milan.

First of all, the Blue and Black Army can also have the courage to overcome all difficulties to win the first goal, from the beginning to the end without considering the spare tires. As we all know, for many years, Inter have many first transfer goals, from Azar in Lille, Sanchez in Udinese, to Philosophy in Manchester City, and so on.

But every time Inters first goal is blocked, they go back to the second and look for spare tyres, even spare tyres. It saves money in the short term, but in the longer term, it takes a lot of detours, and ultimately spends money wrongly. It also makes the teams competitive costs painful and lingers in the low ebb for many years.

Marottas operation of Lukakus transaction, in fact, does not have too many tall tricks, but from the beginning to the end, Inter did not seriously promote other spare tire transactions, nor because of the involvement of Juventus and other teams, Ikardis poor sales, and really shake their minds.

This mode of operation doomed Malota to be pointed out by thousands of people once the quotation failed. But when he succeeded, the world had to give objective comments: a good transfer operator, and the difference between ordinary transfer operator, is that the excellent one, the difficulty of strategy of the first transfer target is stronger, the probability is higher.

Moreover, the Blue and Black Army won the Lukaku deal with the greatest experience is five words: the upper and lower desire wins. To be fair, this summers Conti was one that people had never seen in years. In summer training for a month, there are no real strikers under Conti. For Manchester United, Juventus and Spurs in Paris, he can only use a guest striker like Perisic or 17-year-old Esposito.

This is a change for Spalletti, who has long been blowing his beard, staring at him and swearing at him. This is a change for Condi, who used to shoot for Giovinco. Im afraid this month will be much more troublesome. If Conti constantly attacked Inter, attacked the top level, or said that he did not cooperate with the top team in Ikardi, Naingolan and other issues, then this summer Inters trouble will be much greater.

However, in the past month or so, Zhang Kangyang, Marotta, Condi and the team have all shown great unity. Even Conti has changed his temper and has kept silent and not criticized, except for urging the manager team to our transfer rhythm has slowed down in a softer way before the start of the Asian tour.

On the contrary, when Juventus intervened in the Lukaku deal and Italian media were bombarding Malota with no spare tyres, silly eyes, Conti stood up for the CEO: I dont think Juventus will succeed, and Lukakus prospects for joining Inter are still clear!

In recent years, there have been conflicts between the manager and the decision-makers in the Blues and Blacks, including the farce of Mancinis resignation before the start of the season, the precedent of Spallettis arrogant self-confidence, satirizing the teams failure to buy people, not using the teams real gold and silver to buy new aids, and attacking the bosss CEO. In the final analysis, it is the mutual distrust between the competitive team and the decision-making team. In the playersdressing room, there was also a turbulent undercurrent and internal discord. Last seasons internal disturbance lasted for several months. Internally, we can not concentrate on the same morality, which will naturally make our opponents and public opinion laugh at jokes. Now that this situation has finally changed, its a good thing, and its worth the cost.

This summer, the transfer operation of Inter Milan, in addition to Godin, Lazaro, Senci more Lisso, in Barrera, Lukaku transactions, have experienced very difficult negotiations. But the Nerazzurri have all succeeded in winning the first transfer target. Next, Inter will try to overcome the last difficulty of the must-answer question: Dzeko.

Its a few weeks before the transfer window closes, and even fans can imagine that if Inter can get some more money back for the sale, then Mr. X, the tree Malottas dream, may have another chance...

In one summer, Inters income was limited in terms of selling more players in exchange for funds. They still managed to change coaches regardless of cost and did a lot of facts. This reveals the ambition of the Blues and Blacks: the team is never satisfied with only participating in the Champions League, although Inter has been depressed for many years, although Inter is not vast, despite Inters arduous journey, but the pursuit of stronger, glorious and powerful instinct is still rooted in the marrow, never disappeared for a moment!

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