Lukaku: The dream of joining Inter will come true and lead the team back to the top.

 Lukaku: The dream of joining Inter will come true and lead the team back to the top.

Romeru Lukaku was born on May 13, 1993 in Antwerp, Belgium. His father is Zaire international. Lukaku inherited his fathers football gene and started playing football at the age of five, joining Lilles training camp in Belgium, where he scored 121 goals in 68 games. Later, he made his career debut on behalf of Anderlechts first team. He played there with 131 goals, only 93 appearances to help the team win the league title and win the best shooter.

Lukaku arrived at Chelsea in 2011 to officially move to England, where he began to make his mark. He has been on loan to West Bromwich and Everton. Everton officially joined in 2014, leaving 20 + goals per year for the next three years. In 2017, Manchester United signed Lukaku to officially start the Red Devilscareer. In 96 games, 42 goals and 12 assists were left for Manchester United. Lukakus 113 goals ranked eighth in the history of foreign strikers in the Premier League. In the past seven seasons, he has scored 10 + goals every season. Lukaku is also the best striker for the Belgian national team. He made 81 appearances for the national team and left 48 goals. Helping the Belgian national team to finish third in the 2018 World Cup.

His passion for football has been growing from the bottom of his heart. In his early years, he had to share his shoes with his father because he couldnt afford to buy new shoes. Because of his physical fitness, he has always been questioned about his age. No one can believe that he has such a strong body at this age. Romeru has a deep love for football. He doesnt want to miss any chance to participate in or watch football matches. Whether it is teammates, opponents, coaches or team style, he has deep insights. Hes always focused on what happens on the pitch. And the combination of all this is that he never lacks ambition and determination.

Now, he will start his new journey with infinite enthusiasm at Inter Milan. Please accept the warm greetings from the blue and black family: Welcome, Lukaku!

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