The central government ordered the county government to lie about reclamation and destruction of mangroves

 The central government ordered the county government to lie about reclamation and destruction of mangroves

Not only do they not think about rectification, but they act against the wind and reclaim the sea wantonly to destroy the mangroves... This morning, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment publicly exposed Chengmai County, Hainan Province, calling it perfunctory to respond to the central requirements, in the face of the evils of developers, inaction, dare not do.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that as early as April this year, the problem of mangrove destruction in the county had been uncovered. The leaders of the Central Committee and the provincial government of Hainan Province also gave instructions, but the county government still made a false conclusion that the death of mangroves is due to pests and diseases.

Photo Source of Mangrove Deaths Caused by Fuli Reclamation in Hainan: Ministry of Ecology and Environment

As of August 5, thousands of leading cadres had been interviewed, 130 of whom were accountable.

This morning, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment exposed the first typical problem in this supervision, namely reclamation and destruction of mangroves in Chengmai County, Hainan Province.

As we all know, mangroves belong to the first-class backbone forest belt in the coastal shelter forest system of our country. They are known as coast guards and wave breakers. They play an important role in protecting marine biodiversity, fixing banks and protecting embankments, and purifying sea water and air. However, for commercial development and other purposes, in recent years, malignant incidents of mangrove destruction have occurred from time to time.

According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Huachangwan Mangrove Nature Reserve and Yingbin Inland Sea in Chengmai County have not been rectified in accordance with the requirements of the first round of inspections, and reclaimed and destroyed mangroves wantonly against the wind.

Specifically, Hainan Fuli has destroyed mangroves five times in the process of developing Mangrove Bay Real Estate Project, totaling about 4700 mangroves. In addition, in April 2019, the company reclaimed a building in the sea, resulting in the death of 1582 mangroves. For example, Hainan Ningxiang Industries reclaimed land from the sea, recklessly landfilling 4664 mangroves. By February 2019, another 1960 mangroves were dead.

Photo Source: Ministry of Ecology and Environment

The circular also indicated that as early as August 2017, during the first round of the Central Environmental Protection Supervision, the inspection team had handed over five illegal cases of Mangrove Bay Project. However, Chengmai County did not conduct a comprehensive investigation, did not investigate and verify them, rectified perfunctory responses and fraudulent practices, and the reported public investigation and punishment situation was seriously untrue.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that in April this year, a local media report once again exposed the destruction of Mangroves by Fuli in Hainan and triggered an on-site investigation by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, which was also instructed by the leading comrade of the Central Committee.

Reporter visits found that, in Chengmai Dafeng Town, near the construction site of Ruliang Village, heavy construction vehicles passed by one after another, raising the heavenly loess; roadside mangroves were buried in the soil, and tall buildings rose from the ground, reflected in the muddy water at the foot of dead mangroves. Villagers clearly pointed out that Hainan Fuli was the culprit of all this.

Photo Source of Dead Mangrove: Nanguo Metropolitan Daily

As a result, the main leaders of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government made important instructions one after another, demanding that the Chengmai County Committee, the county government and the relevant departments directly under the provincial government seriously handle the matter in accordance with the law. In addition to the seizure of construction sites involved, Wang Xiongjin, Secretary of the Party Committee and political commissar of the Provincial Forestry Public Security Bureau, was also declared dead.

The governor of Changan Street noticed that after the aforementioned incident, Hainan Fuli had responded that it was because the villagers around the plot raised fish and shrimp in ponds, which led to the blockage of regional water circulation, which caused the mangrove to drown and die from anoxia for a long time.

The main leaders of Chengmai county government and forestry departments also coped with it in every way, and even provided false conclusions such as the death of mangroves is due to pests and diseases.

Why cant the problem of reclaiming land from the sea and destroying mangroves in Chengmai County be prohibited repeatedly? According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, there are three reasons: the low political position of the county committee and the county government, the weak sense of responsibility; the penalty for management and one penalty of the county marine, forestry and environmental protection departments; and the lax supervision of the provincial marine, forestry and planning departments.

In fact, in the final analysis, the crux is that some leading cadres have not yet set up a correct view of political achievements, are obsessed with pursuing economic indicators and neglect the protection of the ecological environment, and have not strictly implemented the main responsibility of environmental protection. In addition, for various forms of false rectification, we should be seriously accountable and accountable, and never give up if we do not solve the problem thoroughly, so as to ensure that the central decision-making takes root.

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