Midday Review: Shanghai Stock Index opened high and fell 0.37percent. ZTE hit a stop-fall in midday trading.

 Midday Review: Shanghai Stock Index opened high and fell 0.37percent. ZTE hit a stop-fall in midday trading.

Plate: Agricultural planting, gold, acrylic acid and other plates rose the most, while communications equipment, domestic operating systems, national defense and military industries fell the most.

Peripheral: U.S. stocks closed higher on Thursday, with the Nasdaq rising more than 2% to 8,000 points. To close: Dow rose 1.43% to 26378.19; Nasdaq rose 2.24% to 8039.16; S&P 500 rose 1.88% to 2938.09. Technology stocks led the rally, with Apple, Google and Amazon all up more than 2%. Zhongquan shares rose, Ali rose 1.92%, Baidu rose 0.71%, Jingdong rose 3.65%, Netease rose more than 10%, Q2 net profit increased 45.8%. A sharp rebound in oil prices boosted U.S. energy stocks, with Chevron, ConocoPhillips and EOG all rising by more than 3.3%.

News: 1. SFC: There is no plan to relax the restrictions on foreign investment in stock index futures. 2. Li Chao, Vice-Chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission: The impact of extreme pressure on the A-share market in the United States tends to weaken, which will lead more medium-term and long-term funds into the market. 3. State Office: To implement the Broadband China strategy in depth and accelerate the construction of 5G and other new generation information infrastructure. 4. The U.S. government forbids the purchase of equipment from five enterprises, such as Huawei. The Foreign Ministry says that the U.S. abuses state power to smear and suppress Chinese enterprises. The CPI was announced today in May and July. 6. Huawei Developers Conference opened today, and EMUI 10.0 System took the lead. 7. Tesla: Vehicle prices will be raised in September. 8. The fifth batch of imported game edition numbers were issued, and Tencent Netease was listed. 9. Shanghai Stock Exchange Report: Huijin will be a strategic investor in Hengfeng Bank. 10. Li Baofang, Chairman of Maotai Group: Maotai liquor should not be soared because of the shortage. We should speed up the application of face recognition technology to curb the cattle disturbance.

Shenguang Finance and Economics said that this morning, the Shanghai Index opened high and went down, the three major indices turned green collectively, the concept of gold rose against the trend, led by Shengtun Mining, agricultural planting plate also showed a relatively strong, the concept of medical equipment rose and fell, Antu Biology rose and stopped, and ZTEs communications board dived sharply, once closed down. Stop, drive the whole stock market and technology stocks down, communications equipment fell sharply, led by two markets, domestic operating systems, Huawei Haisi concept, consumer electronics and other technology stocks fell sharply collectively, defense industry, chip, titanium dioxide and other sectors also led the decline, banks, securities, insurance, infrastructure and other weight stocks showed weakness. At present, the stock market is still in a downward state, but there are signs of stabilization. In the short term, we can choose the right quality stocks to buy on the low side and patiently hold stocks to rise.

Jufeng investor Gu believes that the current market is in a vulnerable shaking adjustment pattern, the Shanghai Index in the vicinity of 2800 points for technical renovation. In recent years, after the market continued to fall sharply, there appeared a technical rebound, while the hot spots of the market showed a rotating effect and lasted for a short time, and did not form a sustained increase in volume. This shows that the main market funds are mainly short-term speculation opportunities, while the major financial sector is mainly protective plates, the long-term profit-making effect of the market is insufficient, and investors are not enthusiastic about participating. High, in the context of the market downturn, the short-term market will still focus on emotional and technological repair, and the stage bottoming process is expected to rebound. It is suggested that attention be paid to the current structural opportunities of the market.

Source of this article: Netease Financial Responsibility Editor: Yang Qian_NF4425