Wu Yifan is carrying six LV bags. Mens pragmatism is returning?

 Wu Yifan is carrying six LV bags. Mens pragmatism is returning?

Recently, Wu Yifans new style has attracted a lot of attention. As the spokesman of Louis Vuitton brand, he wears the autumn and winter series of products designed by Virgil Abloh, which has a remarkable temperament.

New Beijing News reporter Zhou Hongyan

In the photo, Old Flower jacket elements and tailoring are more classic, different is the whole dress, there are six different sizes, different designs of small bags, netizens said: To buy a jacket six LV bags, it is simply not worth it.

In this group of models, Wu Yifan wears a lace-style profile suit. The color and material of the suit are more traditional, but the design is unique, adding details of asymmetrical hem and cascade neckline. Besides elegance and delicacy, Wu Yifan adds a little unruly.

In fact, not only Louis Vuitton, but also the latest autumn and winter series of mens wear items listed in the market in 2019 reveal more or less the design concepts of pragmatism and minimalism. Fashion men can advance these categories into their pockets.

_Retro Sports Coat

Versace Fall and Winter Mens Wear Show Style in 2009. Photo Source/Versace Official Microblog Screenshot

Over the past two years, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Balmains most praised items often contain more than one element - designers will take the retro style as the keynote, add some elements of outdoor and sports, and increase the youthful and interesting of the items.

Warm Plaid knitted sweater

Thom Browne Menswear Advertising in Spring and Summer of 2009. Photo Source/Thom Browne Official Microblog Screenshot

The lattice element has its own retro tone, with a variety of styles and classical generosity. Among them, warm-colored plaid and knitting material is the best partner in autumn and winter season. Warm-colored Plaid knitted sweater can be worn either singly or as an inner tie-in, with windbreaker or profile suit outside, which is very practical.

The bag on Fendi Mens Show. Photo Source/Fendi Official Microblog Screenshot

Under the leadership of retro and street fashion, fashion brands will launch new products with logo elements almost every season. Combining with the current popular pragmatism, you will find that the design trend of bags has become the bigger the better. This super-large-capacity Logo bags can not only bring visual impact, but also increase practicability.

Source: Xie Yi_NQ4682, responsible editor of Beijing News