The parents of Hubei boy who lost connection in conch ditch for 8 days had no choice but to abandon the collective search and rescue

 The parents of Hubei boy who lost connection in conch ditch for 8 days had no choice but to abandon the collective search and rescue

The search and rescue on August 8 did not go smoothly as expected, and nothing was found in the three suspected childrens staying places. It can be said that the last straw for life of the parents of the children had been dragged away...

On the way of search and rescue

On the 8th, after the search and rescue, Mr. Wen, the father of the child, remained silent. What is the plan for the search and rescue tomorrow? Reporter asked, Wen Dad shook his head extremely hard, after a sigh, not ready... Three words struggled out of his throat, almost silent. A big man of one meter and eight tall, wearing rubber shoes all day, was following the search and rescue team to and fro in the bush of woods at an altitude of more than 3,600 meters. He participated in the search for six days, but it was still fruitless.

On the 9th, they sent thank-you letters to netizens concerned about the search and rescue situation through the Red Star News. They were helpless and heavy:

You really dont know which comes first tomorrow or accident...

The original lively and lovely son disappeared in front of his own eyes.

A rescue of more than 500 people, the end of collective search and rescue, and the way for family members to find themselves are still far away...

Although we still do not believe this fact, but after eight days of collective search and rescue by human and material resources, there is still no news, we would like to say to you here: Thank you! The collective search and rescue of children will come to an end, and it will become our familys own division of labor and cooperation to find.

Thank you for your support and concern.

Wen Jingyaos parents

On the way of search and rescue

Thank you all.

Give up the collective search, and then the family division of labor to find

Mother still envisions all kinds of possibilities:

Im in a mess now, and I dont know what to say for a while and a half.

Why did he disappear from my eyes in two minutes?

I know my son. If he cant get down in front of me, he will surely come to me for the first time! Why not...

In the past few days, Wen Jingyaos mother has also made numerous analyses, but she has always been reluctant to believe that, at the same time, she also felt that no news is the best news. At the same time, she will not give up looking for her son! Now, only the underground river beneath the glacier has not been searched. Next, they discussed buying an underwater detector to see if they could find him. Anyway, I want to take him home!

Lost couple Boy

As to why the collective search and rescue was abandoned, the mother said that in recent days, people had searched dozens of times near the site of the accident. All the searches have been searched, and they are unwilling to cause any more trouble to you. Thank you, especially the grass-roots rescuers who have been searching with us!

It is understood that although the parents of the children no longer require collective search and rescue, but the local public security department said that as long as the parents do not give up, they will try their best to cooperate with the rescue work.

Those rescue moments:

Come back soon! Can you go up the mountain overnight?

Although the collective rescue is temporarily over, the scene of all parties participating in the rescue in recent days is clearly visible to the childrens families.

Late at night, the loudspeaker shouted, Dont run away, youll be back soon! This is a picture that the childs mother always remembers in her heart. On the night of the childs disappearance, more than twenty people searched for it in the dark with flashlights. Suddenly the sound sounded in her ear, and she realized that it was a search and rescue officer who ran to the rapids of the river to look for it, regardless of their own safety. On the way of search and rescue

Where are you on duty? Its clearly looking for your own children. According to the Hailuogou Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Patrol Police Security Brigade Civilian Police, received the news that the child was missing that day, everyone came up. Only one policeman was on duty in each duty room. The sanitation workers, cableway staff and those who were not on duty spontaneously came up to look for them. Everyone spontaneously sent pictures of their children to the working and community groups, hoping to find him as soon as possible. For a time, the whole town of Moxi spread.

Im coming right now! Can we go up the mountain overnight? When parents were anxious to search for and rescue dogs, A Guang of the Uygur Forest Dog Training Club in Chengdu received the news. On August 7, at 11:00 p.m., he left Chengdu overnight to come to Hailuogou for support. With a strong light bulb, I hope to go up at night. On the morning of the 8th, the mountain was only 10 degrees Celsius. Snow-melted water flowed down the valley. To confirm the possibility that the child had fallen into the river by mistake, he stood in the deepest part of the opposite stream, waist-deep water to explore the depth. Running through the jungle, crossing the mountains and streams, there is a clue that lunch is not eaten. No mood to eat, no eating, I want to find children first. After many unsuccessful searches, after the withdrawal of the big army, he searched for the closure of the cableway in the scenic spot by himself. Looking at the slight clue, he blushed and looked at the reporter. Can you understand my feelings? Search and rescue personnel

How can we not understand? Downhill along the Panshan Highway, you can see the retreating primitive forest, looking at the waterfalls on the opposite cliff, the dense jungle, and you cant stop looking for it. In your heart, you think: Where are you, son?

Early this morning, my father had gone up the hill and started looking for good news for them.

Although the collective rescue is over, Red Star News will still pay attention to the progress of this matter, hoping to find children!

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