Shanghai Fortress: Love a person as hard as you can with only five minutes left

 Shanghai Fortress: Love a person as hard as you can with only five minutes left

Behind this is 1600 special effects shots, which account for 90% of the total number of shots in the film. In order to achieve the magnificent sci-fi scenes in the film, the 15.5 million square meters of scenes built by the crew are the command center scenes, reaching 6,000 square meters. At least, sincerity is visible. In the plot, Shanghai Fortress on the fight against aliens in the classic elements of science fiction localization also makes me feel very cordial and fresh. Unlike Hollywoods emphasis on individual heroism, Shanghai Fortress is a world outlook different from Hollywoods that of domestic science fiction. When saving the world is no longer just the patent of a person or a nation, the intention of a movie can be upgraded. A kind of

I want to focus on actors and roles. The combination of Lu Hao and Shu Qi, some people questioned that the male and female protagonists do not have CP sense, but after watching the film, I think the two actors are in line with the role. Shu Qi interprets the persistent female soldier role with cold outside and hot inside, and Lu Hao also conforms to the image of male College student of Jiangyang, the protagonist in the original work. Actors have to serve roles first. _Science fiction is a subject far away from reality, but emotionally close to the audience. The original work of Shanghai Fortress is a science fiction love story. The emotional lines of the heroes and heroines in the novel have always been talked about by fans. In addition to the fierce science fiction war, Shanghai Fortress is also localized in dealing with the emotional line. The heroes and heroines can still deduce the feelings that make audiences have a sense of generation in the background of the end of life. The secret love deduced by Deer Hao in the film is not like that in Hollywood science fiction, but more in line with the domestic youth when facing emotions. Introvert, so it will resonate with the audience. Shu Qis female soldier, Lin Lan, is beautiful, smart and domineering. She cant move her eyes at first sight, but her fierce appearance, conscientious laughter and daily life are always cool and hard to approach. Lin Lan is like the one who will be moved in everyones youth. She is so excellent that people only dare to look at her quietly and distantly. It is clear that the deer has already bumped into her and can not find the north, but she is afraid that even her friends will not be able to do it as soon as she gets close to her. A kind of

From the role of Jiang Yang played by Deer Hao, we may all see ourselves born of secret love when we were young. In front of Lin Lan, Jiang Yang always feels inferior, timid, wants to touch and withdraw his hand. He staged one after another magnificent inner drama behind his back, but in front of Lin Lan, even greeting needs to muster up 12 points of courage. People kept saying to Jiang Yang, If you really like her, let her know. Jiang Yang only responded timidly, But Im afraid she will refuse. _Perhaps everyones youth will experience the simplest but most difficult decision-making choice, the truth is clear, but the time of the encouragement is more than anyone, clearly both sides have not been in-depth understanding, but afraid of losing even if it is just a nodding acquaintance qualifications. Behind a four-word short message is the psychological activity of ten papers. This is Jiangyang, and it may be ourselves at a certain stage. A kind of

Emotions need to be tested. Without tests, there is no motivation to overcome obstacles. Many green and astringent secret love are quietly hesitating, repeatedly entangled, without experiencing the test, so as time goes by, they can only be forgotten in each others silent time. This test may just be that the other party changes a table, the circle of friends begins to interact intimately with a certain opposite sex, and Weibo gives a few praises to an account, so that you can sit on pins and needles, such as facing a big enemy. The test Jiang Yang and Lin Lan face in Shanghai Fortress is the end and the eternal separation. Sounds like its a long way from reality, but in front of the people you like, how can it not be a turbulent undercurrent? A kind of

The best love is that when two people are different, they complement each other exactly where they need it most. For example, Jiang Yang likes and admires Lin Lan. He sees the children under Lin Lans mature appearance, while Lin Lan sees himself in his youth from Jiang Yang. Although young, he is warm and sincere. But Jiang Yangs short message has been edited all the time. The film seems to have sent a question to all the young people who dare not press the send button like Jiang Yang: If the end of the world has only the last five minutes, would you still not be able to leave out a single statement? Good night, but I cant say a word like it. Chinese people are emotionally implicit, in fact, this sentence can be summarized. From Shanghai Fortress, I see that few people dare to insist on the emotional concept: love a person, as hard as only five minutes left. In case, we really only have five minutes left? Life is not like a movie going through the test of doomsday, but whats the difference between every day of love and the doomsday of the hopeless world?

Even in the last seconds of the end of life, there are still people editing an unsent text message, the core of Shanghai Fortress has a strong romantic color. This is a stumbling movie on the road of domestic science fiction. In the future, more stumbling followers will try to conquer the mountain of domestic science fiction. But no matter how high they can climb, every step they take is progress.