Huawei has officially released a new distributed operating system: Hongmeng

 Huawei has officially released a new distributed operating system: Hongmeng

Huawei today (9th) officially released a full-scene distributed operating system, Hongmeng OS, to the world. Huawei said it would take the lead in using Hongmeng OS 1.0 in smart screen products launched this year. Over the next three years, Hongmeng OS will gradually be used in more intelligent devices such as wearable, smart screen, locomotive and so on.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, said in introducing the original intention of Hongmeng OS development: The starting point of Hongmeng OS is different from Android and iOS. It is a brand-new Scenario-Oriented distributed operating system based on micro-kernels, which can simultaneously satisfy the whole scenario smooth experience, architecture-level trusted security, cross-terminal seamless collaboration and so on. Requirements for developing multi-terminal deployment at one time. Hong Meng should be born in the future.

Huawei also said that Hongmeng OS will open source to global developers. At present, China has a sound application ecology and a huge user base. In the future, Huawei will rely on China, face the world, and open its core competencies in communication, photography, whole scene, AI and so on.

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Huawei today officially released Hongmeng: The first terminal of the system is ready

It is reported that the first device equipped with Hongmeng system is the Glorious Wisdom Screen, which will be released on August 10. Huawei Wisdom Screen Terminal will be released in September this year. Both products will be equipped with the Heis Honggong 818 self-developed chip and the lifting AI camera, of which the Glorious Wisdom Screen has a 55-inch screen. It sounds the trumpet for the development of autonomous systems.