Fund managers sign letters of acceptance to rectify delays and delays

 Fund managers sign letters of acceptance to rectify delays and delays

In fact, the fund managers registration has always been a clear violation, but this phenomenon has always existed in the fund industry, because the registration behavior itself has a certain ambiguity boundaries, which is difficult to verify in reality. The latest notice issued under the supervision is undoubtedly a purge of fund managersnomination.

We had a new fund manager who wanted to issue a product before. We didnt want to put the name of the investment director on board, but the main distribution channel urged that the investment director should be in charge of the product together, so we put the name of the investment director on board at that time. But the director of investment is more responsible. He did take part in the management of the fund in person after he was nominated. The final decision was made by the director of investment. Obviously, such a situation can not be regarded as simply nominating.

Verification of Obstacles to Registration

In fact, in practice, it is necessary to distinguish whether taking the old with the new belongs to registered or not, and the actual registered behavior is also difficult to verify.

Some insiders pointed out that the latest requirements of this supervision on the registered behavior, for some irregular registered phenomenon will inevitably play a warning role, fund companies will also take the initiative to strengthen wind control in accordance with regulatory requirements. However, there are some practical difficulties in the implementation of specific supervision work. On the one hand, there are no clear criteria for how to understand registered products at present; on the other hand, it is very difficult to verify whether products are registered or not.

Seventy percent of fund managers are procrastinating.

The background of the new requirement of fund managers nomination behavior is that the phenomenon of more than one delay and more than one delay in public offering industry is becoming more and more common, and the negative impact of nomination has gradually attracted attention.

Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center pointed out that among the more prominent products, there are not only the batch management of non-active operation management funds such as index funds and quantitative funds, but also the allocation of fund managers for different assets such as mixed fund stocks and debt, as well as the nominal management.

In addition, from the perspective of funds, 66.55% of the 5587 funds in the market are managed by single fund managers, 28.85% are managed by double fund managers, 239 funds are managed by three fund managers, accounting for 4.28% and 16 funds are managed by four fund managers, accounting for 0.29%. Only two funds are managed jointly by five fund managers.

As for the more procrastination fund, there may also be a case of nomination. A senior fund analyst pointed out to the 21st century economic reporter, Although some funds have multiple fund managers jointly registered, but the actual operator may be only one, it is difficult for the outside world to identify this.

Source: Responsible Editor of Economic Report in the 21st Century: Ren Hui_NBJ9607