The man rewarded the anchorman 1 million yuan and transferred 850,000 yuan to court by his wife

 The man rewarded the anchorman 1 million yuan and transferred 850,000 yuan to court by his wife

Recently, the Peoples Court of Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone has received a special prosecution material at its filing window. Among the parties, the plaintiff Li Yue (female, alias) and the defendant Wang Jianping (male, alias) are husband and wife relations. Why does a wife bring her husband to court in case of a husband and wife? On 24 July, the court informed the details of the case.

Modern Express reporter learned from the court that Li Yue complained that her husband, Wang Jianping, was a legal representative of a company. In December 2018, her husband met Yang Lin (female, pseudonym) on the Internet platform. In the process of watching Yang Lins live broadcasting, Wang Jianping gradually became fond of her and added her message in private. Subsequently, they talked very happily on Wechat and became a couple relationship. In the chat, they called each other husband and wife.

Li Yue said that in half a year or so, without her knowledge, her husband secretly rewarded Yang Lin with about 1 million yuan through the live broadcast platform. At the same time, he also transferred about 850,000 yuan to Yang Lin on many occasions, including the cost of buying clothes, bags, necklaces, jade, nutrients and traveling abroad. A total of 1.85 million yuan. Wang Jianping even gave Yang Lins mother some money for her daily expenses.

Li Yue believes that the husband unilaterally and unauthorized to give the couples common property to Yang Lin, Yang Lin also does not accept the gift in good faith, their behavior violates public order and good customs and relevant legal provisions, and damages their property rights and interests. Therefore, in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, Li Yue jointly sued her husband and Yang Lins mother and daughter to the court, asking the court to confirm that the donation was invalid, and Yang Lins mother and daughter were jointly and severally liable for the return of the donated property.

At present, the court has accepted the case, and the case is under trial.

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