Beijing Yizhuang Development Zone will take the lead in implementing garbage classification in August

 Beijing Yizhuang Development Zone will take the lead in implementing garbage classification in August

Since August 1, 19 natural districts in Yizhuang Development Zone have officially implemented the mode of classified garbage recovery. On July 24, Ronghua Street of Yizhuang Development Zone held a training meeting on waste classification and innovation deployment, and strived to achieve substantial results by the end of August.

At the beginning of this year, in order to promote waste classification from the source, establish a new pattern of waste classification, do a good job in the development of domestic waste reduction and resource utilization, and improve the quality and level of domestic waste classification in residential areas, Ronghua Street adopted the mode of government-enterprise cooperation and cooperated with the patting space station under the banner of Beijing East. To set up a data platform and carry out a pilot project of garbage classification by means of green account, classification integral, tracking feedback and commodity exchange.

Pilot work started with the unified recycling of recyclable garbage in Xinkang Home, Jindi Green, Daxiong City Garden, Yipinyizhuang and other districts. Then, in Yipin Yizhuang, by distributing small green buckets to each household, residents were guided to regularly place garbage for kitchen waste source. Head classification, and in Carl Living Hall, Lion City Baili two residential areas to promote, initially create a new situation of residential garbage classification.

In June this year, garbage classification became a hot topic in the society. The relevant leaders of Ronghua Street felt the urgency of garbage classification work and decided to change the original progressive mode, thus speeding up the establishment of garbage classification demonstration zones. All the zones under their jurisdiction were promoted at the same time, and the residents of all communities were promoted in an all-round way. The consciousness of garbage classification.

At yesterdays training meeting on waste classification innovation deployment, the staff of the space station conducted training on garbage classification knowledge and operation of the platform on the garbage classification line for all community residentscommittees, social workers and property managers of natural communities. Community residentscommittees and property workers will provide classified garbage cans for each household through voluntary collection and door-to-door distribution.

In the following work, communities can also take part in the garbage classification work as volunteers by inviting the residents who are enthusiastic about garbage classification and have the sense of responsibility and time and energy, arranging jobs, setting up posts and assigning responsibilities, and volunteering to the property (or cleaning) staff who regularly participate in the garbage classification work. According to their working hours and quality, the streets will provide certain fund subsidies. The subsidies will be prioritized among the reward funds for garbage classification issued by the streets to the districts. Many measures will be taken to promote the garbage classification work in the districts to be carried out in a high quality, high quality and high efficiency manner.

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