Four ask Sun Yuchen sudden apology: Does he know what he did wrong?

 Four ask Sun Yuchen sudden apology: Does he know what he did wrong?

On July 23, Sun Yuchen announced on Weibo that he would cancel his luncheon meeting with Buffett, which aroused public concern. Subsequently, the media exposed Sun Yuchens suspected illegal fund-raising, money laundering, drug-related Huang and being controlled by the border and other news. In the meantime, Sun Yuchen has issued several micro-blog clarifications and explanations, but this morning (25), Sun Yuchen, contrary to the previous high-profile style, suddenly sent an article saying deeply guilty of over-marketing enthusiasm and hype.

Sun Yuchen cited several apologies in his letter, saying that in the future, we will reduce the voice of microblogging, reduce media interviews, and return to block chain technology from marketing hype. So why did Sun Yuchen suddenly apologize? Did he know what he had done wrong?

In the early morning of 25th, Sun Yuchen posted an apology letter on Weibo. Source: Microblog screenshots

Why do you say over-marketing and hype?

Sun Yuchen became very active in Weibo since June 4 when he announced that he would bid for Buffetts lunch for 4.56 million yuan (over 31 million yuan), but he also gained a lot of controversy. His series of amazing operations, but also repeatedly sent it to hot search.

To sum up, Sun Yuchen was not idle for a moment during the period waiting to meet Buffett.

After taking Buffetts lunch, Sun Yuchen immediately set up the microblog topic label Sun Yuchen took the sky-high-priced lunch and made speeches and discussions on the topic many times. At the same time, Sun Yuchen also began to use micro-blog to open complaints to some public figures.

On June 8, Sun Yuchen shouted at Wang Sicong on his micro-blog: Daddy dares to scold himself, and the post-80s dares to scold the post-90s, who dares to scold the entrepreneurs when they go bankrupt on live broadcasting? Who gives you courage, Liang Jingru? However, Wang Sicong did not respond further.

Later, on July 12, Sun Yuchen sent a microblog invitation to Buffetts lunch to US President Trump, who did not like Bitcoin. Recently, Sun Yuchen jumped out and said that he would support Xiaopeng automobile consumers to protect their rights with 10 million yuan.

Sun Yuchen, who took Buffetts lunch, had hardly missed any chance to get on the hot search. Many netizens also commented on him as a hype expert and better to change his name to Sun Yuyu.

On the 25th, Sun Yuchen made a 180-degree turnaround in his attitude when people called him a goblin. In his apology letter, he admitted that he had acts of marketing and hype.

He said, Because of my immature words and deeds, youthful vigor, open mouth, gradually evolved into an uncontrolled, stall, failure of over-marketing, resulting in a large number of completely unexpected consequences, ignoring social and public responsibilities, and far from my own original intention. I deeply reflect on my past words and deeds, and feel guilty for over-marketing and hype. Then I want to express my sincere apologies to the public, the media, and the leaders and regulators who care about and care for me! ___________.

02 Why apologize to Wang Xiaochuan?

Sun Yuchen specifically mentioned Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan in his apology letter. In fact, Wang Xiaochuan is also one of Sun Yuchens publicly disobedient people.

Sun Yuchen said in his circle of friends after filming Buffetts lunch: On November 24, 2014, I recorded a program with Wang Xiaochuan. I will never forget the way he looked at the cheater. He said that I was a liar and would surely fail. It was a shame to record the program with me, and eventually I couldnt even record it. Then in less than three years, my companys market value surpassed Sogous, and the people who despise you in life are more deeply impressed with your spurs.

Sun Yuchen also accepts the media when high-profile claims that he and Wang Xiaochuan made a three-year contract, that is, June 2021, you can look back, is his business market value higher, or wave field higher. Meanwhile, Sun Yuchen also offered Wang Xiaochuan a bet of 100 bitcoins.

As for being called a cheater by Wang Xiaochuan, Sun Yuchen said, I dont think I am comparable with Wang Xiaochuan because I am an entrepreneur and the nature of Wang Xiaochuan is still a part-time worker.

Wang Xiaochuan responded to the microblog: What is success? What is a liar? Everyone has his own definition. Some people think its worth, others think its market value. In the long river of history, the clouds are light and the wind is light. Only scientists who pursue truth with the utmost rationality, artists who pursue beauty with the utmost sensibility and heroes who contribute to the world or nation with great love can be immortal.

Source: Microblog screenshots

It is interesting that after the news of Sun Yuchens being controlled by the border was revealed, Wang Xiaochuan also shared the word controlled by the border with Sogou Encyclopedia on Weibo.

In the apology letter, Sun Yuchens attitude also changed greatly, saying, Mr. Wang Xiaochuan is also my predecessor in the field of Internet entrepreneurship, I personally admire and respect his achievements, and also respect and value his views very much. Originally, I wanted to make some hype and marketing gimmicks because of my joking and youthful personality. In fact, after that, I deeply regretted these vulgar hype and marketing behavior. I once again expressed my sincerest apology to Mr. Wang Xiaochuan and hoped to get his understanding.

However, as of publication, Wang Xiaochuan did not respond to the above remarks.

03 Why apologize to regulators?

According to Sino-Singapore longitude and latitude statistics, Sun Yuchen mentioned supervision 10 times in about 1200 words of apology letters.

In his apology letter, he said, For my elders, leaders and regulators who care about me, I would like to express my sincere apologies for my previous immature marketing and words and deeds!

He also mentioned that it was the grand pattern and vigilance of the elders of the regulators that made him understand the importance of social responsibility and social influence. The healthy development of the industry can not be separated from the supervision and care guidance. He will also open his heart to the regulators, actively introduce their business composition and industry development, actively cooperate with their research and guidance, make every effort to meet the requirements of the regulators, and maintain timely response and long-term communication. We should always focus on the overall situation of financial stability and financial security, defuse financial risks, clear up the source and return to the research and development of technology in the block chain.

Source: Video screenshots

In fact, after taking Buffetts lunch, many people were curious: Where did Sun Yuchen get so much money?

It is understood that the wave field project will be launched in August 2017, and under the suspicion of air currency, about 400 million yuan will be raised through ICO. However, with the tightening of ICO regulation, many similar projects and platforms have bypassed overseas.

According to the 21st century economic reports, Sun Yuchen has obtained a lot of illegal fund-raising through the way similar to ICO. In addition, the wave field project involving gambling, accompanying me App involving yellow has become a new focus. ?

According to Caixins evening report on the 23rd, recently, the office of the National Internet Financial Risk Rehabilitation Team has suggested that public security organs investigate Sun Yuchens suspicions of illegal fund-raising, money laundering, yellow and gambling.

However, Sun Yuchen denied the above information.

As for the source of his wealth, Sun Yuchen once claimed that the biggest misunderstanding of mainstream media in mainland China is that they do not understand our actual business composition. Only 5% of wave field business is located in mainland China, accompanying me with App, which is legal and compliant. The remaining 95% of the business, TRON, 3 million users, 500 Dapps, BitTorrent, the worlds largest de-centralized transmission network, 1 billion installed 100 million active, are mainly located in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, you cant see, does not mean there is No.

Should I apologize to Buffett?

Sun Yuchen mentioned in the apology letter that Buffett lunch originated from my worship of Pa Lao and my love for charity. It was originally good and simple, but also with some selfishness to promote the industry and their own block chain, in order to better fulfill project responsibilities.

Although Sun Yuchen expressed that he himself admired Buffett very much, no matter what he said, he could not show his respect for Buffett. After all, this was the first time Buffetts lunch had been cancelled in 19 years. However, there is news that lunch will be rescheduled.

Source: Microblog screenshots

In fact, the lunch was in good condition after Sun Yuchen photographed it. At first, the lunch venue was changed. On June 27, Sun Yuchen announced that Buffetts lunch was scheduled for July 25 at Quince, San Franciscos San Michelin restaurant in Jackson Square.

According to Buffetts years of habits, the public lunch was held in Smith & Wollensky, New York, while the anonymous lunch was mostly private with Buffett in his hometown of Omaha. This time, it was Buffetts first change of location for lunch in 19 years.

Since then, it has been reported that Buffett cancelled his charity lunch with Sun Yuchen. On July 8, Sun Yuchen responded in an official way: My lunch with Pa Lao will be held on July 25 as scheduled. Please dont believe the gossip. All the information is based on official news.

So when did Sun Yuchen, known as Jia Yuetang in the currency circle, return to China? Whats the new story waiting for him?

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