Girls are praised for 50 days to become beautiful: praise is the most gentle scalpel

 Girls are praised for 50 days to become beautiful: praise is the most gentle scalpel


What level of cuteness is this?

Your beauty will be in my heart forever.

Imagine what would happen if someone said similar compliments in your ear every day?

Recently, a Japanese program called Pine and Pine conducted a real-life experiment.

They chose a plain-looking girl as the subject of the experiment and spoke rainbow-like compliments in her ear every day.

Fifty days later, a miracle happened.

People are surprised to find that without plastic surgery or deliberate weight loss, girls become bright eyes, bright smiles, more exquisite facial features, more self-confident temperament, completely like a new person.

The effect is 100 times better than cosmetic surgery!


The only difference is that instead of using people as subjects, they bought two green plants from supermarkets and labeled them and placed them in the school hall.

Youre a mistake. Youre worthless.

Youre not green at all.

I like the way you look.

The world changes because of you.

In a short period of 30 days, the children found that the green plants that had been criticized had gradually withered, while the green plants that praised had been vigorous!

You see, the power of slander and praise is the same for a green plant, let alone for a person.

Language can hurt or make a man.

A friend of mine received strict education from his parents when he was young, giving priority to criticism and assisting with scolding.

This made her a particularly self-reflective person for a time.

It was not until the last two years that she received various rainbow compliments on a daily basis because of the characteristics of her work industry that she gradually changed.

Once, she went to work, made a carpool list, carpooled together, and there was a girl sitting in the front row.

The driver is telling the truth. She can get downstairs as long as she crosses the street. But this is in the middle of the road, there is no sidewalk, there is no traffic light, suddenly crossing the road, may be killed.

My friend got angry and said, Why, do you have any comments? Do you have any objection to my compliance with the traffic rules or to my request for actual delivery to the location?

The girl hesitated, unable to say a word.

My friend said that when she closed the car door and accidentally glimpsed the rearview mirror, she suddenly found that she was beautiful in the mirror.

Its like being spoiled and not being bullied.


I also have a friend who works in the gynecology and obstetrics department of the hospital.

But they have a common characteristic, that is, they have a mother with harsh words.

Their mother often curses at the door of the operating room: You are really losing money! Stupid and cheap! No wonder they dont want you!

She just feels worthless and throws herself into a worse mans arms.

You know, everyones self-awareness, there may be three states: self-identity, self-doubt, self-denial.

They are used to receiving flowers and applause and are confident in whatever they do.

They are of good character, good temper and harmless to people and animals.

Self-denying people are typically moths that fight fires.

They lack love for a long time and are in a negative environment.

They see themselves as extremely cheap, often low to the dust, but also extravagantly hope to open a flower, the final outcome is often trampled mercilessly.

If you dont want your loved ones to be the last, but want them to be the first, dont stint on your praise.

Believe that in everyones body, there is a better self.