I interviewed 100 divorced women with children: 80percent regretted it because they couldnt pass the three barriers!

 I interviewed 100 divorced women with children: 80percent regretted it because they couldnt pass the three barriers!

I want to make him perfect, and the main reason is that I feel sick and cant give up. Meimei said.

Divorce was easy, but carrying a family alone made her feel difficult.

But often because the child is too naughty and fierce conflict with the child, and then turn to the disadvantage that she should not divorce for a moment.

I seem to have been torn apart, you know? Does divorce have to live in this state?

Looking at the beautiful haggard face and enduring tears, I suddenly felt heartbroken and distressed about her and the women in the same situation.

The confusion of beauty is universal.

People who have experienced it may know that this is not really a love yourself, to work hard can solve.

In addition to the practical aspects mentioned above, the difficulties faced by divorce after betrayal may include:

Why did you get divorced? u2014u2014 Family support

Mother loved her very much and came to take care of her children, but she thought that her divorce made the whole family look up. She changed from an envied object to a ridiculed person, which made her feel very frustrated and disgraced.

Moms low mood also deeply affected her mood.

Even if the family is forced to come to help, but in the heart that divorce is a failure, disgrace, bad mood when the opposite words to her daughter, can be said to be worse.

On the one hand, it is the irrepressible hatred, on the other hand, it is the inherent shaking of the belief that I am worthy of love.

You know what? Ive seen their chat records, and I really have an impulse to kill the dog and the man. When my friend Pan Pan said that, he startled us and then felt that he could understand her very well.

Although she divorced happily, she fell into the days of drinking and drowning her sorrows.

Will anybody else love me?

These problems are faced by women who have suffered betrayal, and are also related to life itself.

Mom, wheres my father? u2014u2014 The influence of self-state on children

As a single mother, we have to face the following problems:

How to guide children to look at divorce and betrayal, how to use ones own efforts to complete the input of the two forces of paternity and maternity.

In the entertainment circle, the most typical is Wu Qilis mother and daughter.

Mothers state has been worrying, and then her daughter once had depression and suicide, which is worrying.

When you attribute your emotions and bad circumstances to your ex-husband and marriage, it will not help you turn the tables, and it will deeply affect the values and marriage of your children.

Not long ago, when Jia Jingwens daughter Wutong Mei graduated from school, she went to school with her current husband and ex-husband to congratulate Wutong Mei. Her happy posture was written on her face, which was enviable.

Recalling that she had also suffered betrayal, and had a lawsuit with her ex-husband to fight for the childs custody rights, a single mother in distressed condition.

But now the happiness is full, which includes the current husband Xiu Jiekais contribution, but more still lies in Jia Jingwen in the face of all this, beyond the pattern and wisdom of others and strong endurance.

In our lives, we can also see that many divorced women who have been betrayed live in sunshine. Those past events not only did not break them down, but also made them more atmosphere and happiness.

Looking closely, there may be something in common:

_The picture shows Doria.

Megans parents split up when she was six years old, and she was raised by her mother alone.

Although divorced, the mother not only did not fall into a low ebb, but was in good condition. She also guided her daughter to deal with the relationship with her father and nurtured her daughter in many fields.

Her mother has never felt any difference because of divorce or black identity. Megan and her mother have always been close. She calls her mother the soul of freedom.

After Megan met Prince Harry, his father had been interviewing the media, but his mother, Doria, was very low-key and not humble. When she married the prince, she was the only relative who attended Megans wedding.

It is not a white-headed marriage that is successful.

All the years of embracing each other, whether in love or in marriage, no matter how long they last, deserve our heartfelt gratitude. Because through these, we have a deeper understanding of ourselves and life itself.

_Economic aspect: the harder you work, the more you heal

Many divorced women who have experienced betrayal are trapped in emotions and resentment. A crude but effective way is to improve their economic conditions through hard work.

After divorcing her husband, she adjusted her status. In order to take care of her children and earn money, she learned to be a micro-dealer, acting as an agent for ecological food and special clothing, and quickly opened up the situation.

Its hard to imagine a girl who only liked to be buried in a pile of poems. Now she packs and delivers goods every day.

Money is not omnipotent, but money is also energy. Its healing power is really extraordinary.

_Emotional aspect: the more healing, the more daring to love

Many women who have been betrayed in their emotions have not yet healed their inner wounds in the face of new emotions. They cant believe that they are worthy of being loved.

Its a pity that she refuses to be happy, or doubts each other in the relationship, lacks confidence in the business relationship, and eventually passes by with happiness.

When Xiu Jiekai pursued Jia Jingwen, Jia Jingwen also retreated.

But in the end, she opened her heart to love and interpreted it in good faith, overcome her inner timidity, accepted it bravely, and reconciled with her ex-husband through practical actions.

In the abyss, our healing can be psychological counseling, friendship and family, exercise and hard work, but we always need to believe that:

Being is love in itself. No matter what you have experienced, you are worthy of being loved and dare to give love. This is a kind of ability and the only way to happiness.