Nuclear Carving Master Zhou Jianming: A Heritage of Exquisite Skills, Enjoying Zhoushan

 Nuclear Carving Master Zhou Jianming: A Heritage of Exquisite Skills, Enjoying Zhoushan

Heritage Certificate

Zhou Jianming, a master of Chinese traditional crafts, is the national representative successor of the intangible cultural heritage project (Guangfu nuclear sculpture). He has been engaged in nuclear sculpture for 44 years. He enjoys a high reputation in the industry. He is known as the leader of the nuclear sculpture industry today. He has made great contributions to promoting the inheritance and development of nuclear sculpture art in China.

In this sense, Zhou Jianming of Zhoushan, Suzhou, is a real craftsman. He is obsessed with olive core sculpture. For more than 40 years, nuclear sculpture career seems to repeat the same process every day, but every day is new to him, and every process is also new to him. Because this is not industrialized production, but with a pair of hands cut one knife at a time, into wood three points, knife knife to see the work, knife to see the heart and soul. Each work is not only the crystallization of his exquisite skills, but also the expression of his deep feelings for nuclear carving, a traditional craft.

The work depicts the mythical characters of eight immortals, eight people gathered in one nucleus, with the scenery of cranes, auspicious clouds, peaches and fruit altars, hanging as mascots. Material selection is large and full olive core, delicate conception, exquisite layout, distinct layers, strong three-dimensional sense. Character characteristics are obvious, natural scenery, longevity peach, crane are ready to emerge. This work is one of Zhou Jianmings representative works. It has won the gold medal of Master of Chinese Folk Sculpture, Ceramics and Paper-cut Art Exquisite Competition.

Three minutes, seven divisions of labor is a phrase often spoken by Master Zhou Jianming, and it is also practiced in a one-size-fits-all manner. The so-called if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. Without a set of tools, it is very difficult to carve a good work. Every carving tool is made by these nuclear carving artists according to decades of experience. The types of light knives can be divided into razors, carving knives, cutting knives, scrapers, etc. The knife method is more than a dozen such as cutting, carving, plucking, picking, scraping and cutting.

Master Zhou Jianming in Creation

Zhou Jianming, now the year of Huajia, has been insisting on hand-carving for more than 40 years and is creating new works every year. For Zhou Jianming, it takes half a day to carve a simple olive core, three days for a moderately difficult olive core, and ten days for a complex olive core. I start working at 8:30 a.m. every day and usually rest at 22 oclock, every day. I think its a kind of enjoyment to take a carving knife. Three days without a carving knife is like missing something. My heart is very sad. Even when attending exhibitions and fairs, we should bring lamps and knives and cut knives in our spare time. Zhou Jianming said.

In addition to exquisite technology, Jianming also strived to improve art last week. In addition to inheriting and developing the sculpture skills of the older generation of nuclear sculptors, Zhou Jianming has always been studying and studying painting skills. His works involve characters, animals, landscape, nuclear boats and so on. His works are clear and fluent in lines, strong three-dimensional sense, lifelike in shape, and vivid. They show the artistic characteristics of Sugongs refined, fine, elegant and clean on the olive core of the inch, which is praised as ghost worker by fans and media.

The Eighteen MastersAtlas of Practice is exquisite in craftsmanship

The work consists of 20 pieces, which depict the full text of Prajna Boromita Heart Sutra, Maitreya Buddha and Tuanzhu respectively. Each figure of worship depicts characters, animals and plants, highlighting the harmony, intimacy and infinity between characters and animals and plants, reflecting that the worshipper is calm as water when practicing perfection, eliminating all worries, guiding all living beings to be good, and reaching the realm of unity between heaven and man; Maitreya Buddha, also known as the future Buddha, shows his chest bared and his face grinning. A great deal of good fortune reminds the world to learn tolerance; the bathers on the beads engrave the Prajna Boromido Heart Sutra, which has a total of 260 words. This work was invited to exhibit in the Chinese Art Museum in 2019.

Zhou Jianmings nuclear sculpture is a living work of art. Over forty years of hard work, Zhou Jianming has set a benchmark for the domestic nuclear sculpture industry, made great efforts to disseminate the nuclear sculpture culture and promote the inheritance and development of Chinas nuclear sculpture industry. Especially in 2018, he won the highest honor of the representative successor of the national intangible cultural heritage project. Return!