Dear loved ones: Han Shang Dialects, what was the experience of not having been in love before the age of 30?

 Dear loved ones: Han Shang Dialects, what was the experience of not having been in love before the age of 30?

Dear Love is on the air. Yang Zi and Li Xian are really sweet to CP. Last time I said Yang Zi, it deserves to be Wangfu Zi. The key is that Li is so excellent now, so there is such a wonderful chemical reaction. This time, we will talk about Li Xian - Han Shang Dialect. Many people think that HanShang Dian is cool, handsome and likable. Well, we are all current girlfriends. Boys with warm hearts are loved by everyone.

However, I pay special attention to the role of Korean Business Talk: before the age of 30, no man has ever been in love? Really or not, is there something incredible? In fact, there are a lot of boys like this. Believe me, there is no suspicion of lying. Or, as Tong Nian pointed out, you (Han Shang Yan) have an incorrect attitude towards feelings. I havent been in love before I was 30 years old. Whats that experience?

Lin Xi attended all kinds of matchmaking meetings, and many young girls expressed their preference for him - a must, tall and handsome gold collar. However, Lin Xi has no intention of further development. No, his condition of choosing a spouse is too high and prohibitive. Its just that those women dont have eyes at all. What is the rim of the eye: Just look comfortable. No requirement, in fact, the most difficult to meet.

Lin Xi explained with a bitter smile, It should be that fate has not arrived yet. He has been waiting for the only soul mate in the vast crowd. When he was 30 years old, even his parents began to worry. Lin Xi prefers to go to work, to work, to work, and to work at home, which are two frontline lifestyles. Cant wait? His answer, especially literature and art: I am fortunate, not my life.

I dont have time to fall in love. Prince Xuan ignored all the seven aunts and eight aunts who had done everything. Girls will also know that even if they fall in love with Prince Xuan, they will only rank second. Which girl doesnt mind? Over time, Prince Xuan even nobody asked for it. Its not a sin to have never been in love. Just live the life you want to live.


Before love knocks on the door, lets make ourselves better. Maybe youll meet her tomorrow!