Wu Peizi: What about unmarried mothers? Its the winner of life.

 Wu Peizi: What about unmarried mothers? Its the winner of life.

In fact, I did not speak well for Wu Peizi. Just feel that she does not need to attract all the cyber mockery, right? Living forever is indeed an important chip for marrying a rich man. We should also see how the woman herself, when she becomes a rich woman, will bring about subversive changes. In other words, are you climbing high or marrying down? Or, were right. Plus, the so-called mutual affection often mentioned.

Yes, Pence Wu is also an unmarried pregnant mother. But there are a lot of unmarried pregnant women in the world. Some give birth to children and become mothers by pulling up a handful of excrement and urine. My family didnt understand and wished that there had never been such a loved one. Out of the house, its the turn of the rest of the world to do nothing. Wu Peizi will not. She has a large group of celebrities around her birthday. Ji Xiaobo, personally present to celebrate.


Its love, pure I love you, you love me. Love a man, the most direct expression is to give birth to two children. One is not enough? Thats four!

B: Keep it up to the end

Someday Ill touch you. Now youre not going to get married? It doesnt matter. It doesnt mean youll never get married. In this year, perseverance will lead to victory!

Is it not strong enough to sustain one or two? Four children, two good. Its impossible for a man to ignore his children. It cant be turned off.

Come on, analyze one by one. Look at these reasons, is it true or not?u2014u2014

A woman has the final say if she does not have children. Shes willing, or she wont give birth to one after another.

Even if theres nothing to be desired, at the very least, I hope we can wait for a more satisfactory result.

Imagine how embarrassing it would be for this man to marry another woman.

D: Mothers and sons are precious and can be used everywhere. Ancient, modern, Chinese and foreign, can not escape this conclusion.


Rich, have children, plus Wu Peizi to have face value, to have a figure. The word hot mom is most appropriate for her. She has her own circle of friends. She is a celebrity in the upper class and a star in the entertainment circle. Her life is richer and more wonderful than that of too many people. Marriage is not married to a rich family, its just a marriage letter. Everyone agrees that Wu Pei-cis position as the main palace is the same. This unmarried mother has long been the winner of her life.