Your boyfriend is harmful to our public relations. Im from a pure family with children. You have to marry me now.

 Your boyfriend is harmful to our public relations. Im from a pure family with children. You have to marry me now.

Some newly acquainted men and women are often regarded as love. Some marriages and relationships, because they have been together for a long time, are regarded as unloved.

But people often cant stand the temptation of freshness, give up the long-term sense of love and meaning, or because the sense of freshness is confused for a while, thus losing the original sense of love and meaning.

But once something happens, there is no way to regret, only to face the chaos and fragmentation, and then clean up the mess, or empty-handed, nothing, or hearts full of shame and regret.

Netizen Affin said that she had a five-year love affair. Her boyfriend was very kind to her, stable and responsible. She also rushed to get married. Her boyfriend worked hard for the garage, and both of them met their parents.

But Afen felt that he had no love for his boyfriend, only dependence and habits.

Affin did not control that person. She later met a married man and attracted each other. She felt that she loved him very much and that they were in perfect harmony.

Then things were revealed. Affins boyfriend was so angry that he beat the married man up and hurt him badly. Then he was caught and might be locked up for a while. Married men here are also divorced, born purely and with children.

But he said to Avon, Just because your boyfriend is making trouble and beating me and letting my ex-wife know, it makes me unreasonable. I am forced to leave home and bring a child. Now you have to take responsibility for me and consider when to marry me...

But now Ah Fen hesitates. Married men are of pure origin and have nothing left. They have a job with a general salary and a child. They have to marry him and take children. What about their boyfriends side?

It can be imagined that this Afen must be very regretful now, want to get rid of this third party, but feel that not long ago he was still talking about love, now say not love, but also appear too false, hypocrisy is too obvious, or the reality is too obvious.

But let her be stepmother right away, and the man has nothing, she certainly will not. Because of my boyfriend, the garage has been bought, but only in repayment of the mortgage, business is also rising.

Many people are like this. When they are interested in a new object, they feel that they have no love with the old people. If the old people had just known each other, would it be what you call love?

At the same time, to say love is also conditional on reality. When a married man first met, he must have been generous and unrestrained.

But married men do not want to choose, so dont choose, face their true face, that is, to admit that they are still very realistic, dont force together, otherwise it will soon be unhappy and scattered or even chaotic end.

Because once you uncover the value added to the other person, or take a long time, you will find that this is not the case, even worse than the people you have now.