After breaking up, do you have any hope to save your girlfriend?

 After breaking up, do you have any hope to save your girlfriend?

There are many different nature of disconnection, some disconnection is just the other side hopes to have a calm space, is deliberately avoiding you. Its not that the other person doesnt love you anymore, its just that the current situation makes it impossible for her to face you. The best way to do this is to respect her and give her a buffer zone to regulate her emotions, which is good for you and her.

Complete disconnection is only a relative state. The other side deleted you, but as long as the other side has the intention, she can still add you back, but she is not willing to do so now. Naturally, she had a reason for not wanting to do so.

For example, the current mood is very bad, such as your performance makes her very unsatisfactory, or simply want a quiet person. These are all very emotional reasons, and this is also because of perception, so there are many uncertainties.

Its normal for couples to divide, divide and merge. The key is to see what kind of attitude you face. If you blindly think that this is the final outcome of the two people, then there really is no hindsight. But if you are always hopeful, there is no limit to the possibility of waiting for you.

What should we do after disconnection?

You may be excellent, but if you want to save your feelings, you need to be the person she wants. Its not that youre going to be the perfect prince charming in her heart, but at least you cant be a rascal on a donkey.

Some of the inappropriateness is really difficult to match, such as values. Its hard to run in and its not impossible to run in. Know more about each other and accept each other in an inclusive manner. You will find that many things in the world are not just one or two answers. Learn to communicate, understand and tolerate, two people can get along well.

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