Anxiety and Depression: Those who recover have three things in common.

 Anxiety and Depression: Those who recover have three things in common.

But please dont blame yourself. Its too late to stand up and be brave from now on. As long as you start to have self-help consciousness, then stand up and embrace the world like a normal person. Its just a matter of time, otherwise it will only become more and more sinking.

Because all our positive and correct efforts are not in vain, they will play their role at some point in the future, so dont give up because we cant see the good effect and hope for the time being.

Be confident, have a firm and good faith, and you wont be too bad. Those who succeed in self-help have something you can imitate and learn, and they can see their shadow in this article.

In fact, dont think of those who recover quickly as so complicated and sacred. They are just a little more disciplined than you. They should take medicine or are taking medicine. If the biggest difference is the following three points.

1. Because of this illness, they have learned to love themselves and put down their hearts. Their hearts are no longer bound by painful things. They are all light. They want to understand that love for themselves is greater than everything.

If he falls down, he has nothing. If he is strong, he will be late, but he can blossom his life again and bring happiness to more people.

Which one is worth it?

Every wise man knows.

2. They understand the pathogenesis and mechanism of the disease, learn a lot of healing methods, and have a number in mind, which is confidence.

As the saying goes, A long illness makes a doctor. I believe that every patient has a certain understanding of anxiety and depression from books or online. The more professional they are, the more secure they will be. Then they will not be confused and confused as they were at first.

For example, the pathogenesis of depression is caused by: the original family, biology, personality, growth environment, and stimulus of striking events are equal to factors, and to elaborate on them one by one, because too much pen and ink is spent, there is not much redundancy, you can understand from the literal meaning;

Another example: self-help people know how to heal their own demons, such as sports, the concept of living with symptoms, not impetuous and patient care, and so on.

And, they also know that a person is depressed, the change of environment is very important, and the change needs us to create hard, such as: diet, sleep regularity, temporarily give themselves a vacation, not excessive use of brain and worry about so many things, temporarily put aside, in order to decompress their own mind, decompression of the same. When you give yourself time to examine, Is it really necessary to change your way of life?

Sometimes changing our way of life can make us relax, worry about so much, or worry so much, in fact, you will find that everything you do is not dedicated and sophisticated enough. Because you did too much! So, to abandon some is to give oneself a relaxed, rebirth, a better start.

Depression doesnt mean your life is over. Dont think of it as a catastrophe or disaster. Its just an episode and a test on the long road of your life.

On the contrary, we should abandon sobbing and regard depression as a great test of our life. It cant defeat us at all. It is not depression that defeats us, but loneliness that we submit to depression.

Countless good people are telling us or passing on the fact that:

This is a realm of ascension and a way of understanding life, but also do not want to return to that depressive world of determination.

So, making yourself happy is the way to prevent you from going back.

In the future, you can also use a good mental state and healing philosophy to help those who are still in trouble. This is the extension of value and the emergence of happiness.

And this idea is also a goal that you give yourself in the future on the way of healing. Isnt it a hope and a vision? With this, you have the motivation!

Starting today, lets be self-disciplined and self-help. You can do it!

Although, on the way to help others, there will also be people who do not understand and mock, or even intentionally attack themselves, but this is not important, because no matter how well you do, there will be times when people do not understand, such is human nature, allowing it to appear, in order to constantly urge themselves to strive for progress and play!

We all have to firmly believe in doing what we love to do in order to make ourselves happier, because love is the driving force of life!

Love is to get rid of all obstacles and move forward!

Perhaps, these ideas or spirits are the core beliefs in the hearts of self-help people. With such beliefs, they support them to move forward step by step. They firmly believe that, according to such beliefs and ways of self-help, to heal and comfort their souls, then the light ahead will certainly illuminate him. We were on our way, and by then it was almost good.

In fact, this is a kind of spiritual sustenance of self-establishment, and also a kind of vision therapy.

When I heal my severe depression, I often build up such beliefs and expectations for myself. Gradually, I have the motivation and hope, because this means that I am not willing to, I think every patient has the same mood!

Because we are unwilling, we have more courage to refuse to defeat, and ultimately we overcome the suffering of anxiety and depression by virtue of this courage.