Its so sweet for a wife to fall in love with a mature man.

 Its so sweet for a wife to fall in love with a mature man.

Love is always so rare.

The person in love is always so expectant.

The latest hit drama Dear Love can be said to have occupied the circle of friends, micro-blog and other platforms, it seems that the air is filled with the sour odor of love.

The love in Li Xianyangs purple opera is as sweet as the title of the play. Almost all the girlshearts begin to explode, which leads to a large number of lemon essence.

Almost every day I can hear the sighs of people around me: I also want a sweet love.

When 19-year-old Tong Nian met 30-year-old Han Shang-yan, two people with opposite personality experiences collided with the spark of love. The sugar is not greasy, but sweet to the teeth.

Han Shangyan, a 30-year-old boss with rich experience in life. Tongnian is only a girl who has not graduated from graduate school. She pursues him in the way she treats her first love, but he likes her in the way he takes care of her children.

He never allowed a woman to sit as a co-driver and allowed her to sit in peace of mind.

He brought an antique necklace for others, because she said she liked it, and she did not hesitate to send her to bankruptcy.

He never took an umbrella himself, but carefully shielded her from the sun.


To fall in love with a mature man is to make fun of me while you are laughing.

In love, we often hear such a sentence: he is too naive!

Childish, do not know when began to become taboos in love.

Whats the difference between falling in love with childish boys and mature men?

When sick:

The work is not in good time:



After the quarrel:

Some time ago, some fans asked me in private letters:

The cruelest reality is that girls of the same age are always more mature than boys. And a boy must experience a lot to grow up. Never hope that he can become what you want overnight.

Its really hard to wait for a boy to grow up.

Actually, its not that you dont love, but that you dont know how to love.

They think love is two peoples food, drink and play, but they dont know what you want is peace and stability in the world.

How many people want to be able to talk about love only once in their life, but always defeated under the grind of reality. Even if love is vigorous, it is only young and frivolous.

When you were young, you would go all out to accompany him to grow up, but later you found that he did not become your armor as you wished.

Immature boys think of themselves forever, while mature men think of each other forever.

Actually, what girls want is really simple. They dont need expensive gifts or gorgeous rhetoric.

All they want is the care you can see everywhere, the company I need and your presence.

When you fall in love with a mature man, he knows what you need is not long talk but soft talk.

Life is already so short. Dont waste too much time on the wrong person.

You havent tried. You really dont know how sweet it is to fall in love with a mature man.

He will keep a distance from the opposite sex and give you enough security.

Hell be there when you need him, not a message or a phone call.

If childish boys let you experience the ups and downs of love, then mature men will let you see the future of life.